Reading Can Be Useful

Do you like reading? Well, I like to read books. The books I like are mysteries and sci fi mysteries. I also like to read horror books. I get the books from the school library or I order the books. You can maybe get your book from the local library or the school library.

Reading can pass time for anything. It help passes time when I am in class and I have gotten done with my work early. It also passes time when I am in my room waiting for practice or anything I am attending. It can also pass your time, whether you’re waiting for your work, a party, or you’re in an airplane in Bethel and they still have not taken off yet for a while.

Reading can also take us places while in reality we are in a room. Say you can be stuck in a certain room and you cannot go out of your classroom. You could just take a book you are really into and boom, you have a little scene in your head. It is like watching a movie but better. It is better because you can play the scenes however you want it to play out. If you are a student and you are done taking a test and you cannot be on your phone, just take out your book and you will be in your own little world.

One important thing you can do with a book is learn new words. You can find your reading level and learn words from the book you are reading. The same goes for me, I read my books and I learn new words every few pages or so. I either look at them in the dictionary, ask an adult, or on my phone. Reading a book can increase your vocabulary skills.

I like to read books for myself because I find them interesting. I also like to read books because it helps me pass time, it takes me to new places while I am in a room, and it helps me with my vocabulary. So you should at least read a book here and there.

Justina Wilson

Scammon Bay, AK

Scammon Boys Barely Win During The KOK Tournament

Have you ever played in a basketball tournament?  Last week we had a tournament called KickOff Klassic.

The Scammon Bay boys basketball team played against Hooper Bay and they had a close game. The boys had really good defense while they were playing against Hooper Bay. While the boys were playing they tied up in the 4th quarter. The boys started making their shots underneath so they got up a few points and both teams kept going at it.

Both teams had really good offense and they had a close game. Hooper Bay people were getting mad because they said the ref wasn’t calling Scammon Bays fouls. One of the coaches was getting mad at the ref and his players because they weren’t listening to him.

In the 4th quarter two of Scammon Bays ball players had fouled out and they were the center/forward players. This game I am talking about is the championship game. The first game they played was intense too. They played against Hooper Bay.

After their first game I interviewed Adam. He said he enjoyed every bit of the game. When asked “How was your game?” he said, “It was good and exciting!” I thought the game was exciting myself too because I watched it. Although he didn’t get much playing time he still had a lot of fun. He said he wanted more playing time because it was an exciting game but he had like 3 fouls. When asked, “Were you filled up with adrenaline?” he said “Yeah!!” I hope they have more games like this because they are really exciting!

Scammon Bay boys basketball won Hooper Bay and it was a close, exciting game. Scammon boys made the people of Scammon Bay happy by winning.

Anecia Rivers

Scammon Bay, AK

Volleyball teaches sportsmanship, teamwork

Volleyball is exciting because they help us have better sportsmanship. Volleyball is a team sport. The teams are separated by a large net. It has six players on each side of the net. Each team is allowed twelve substitution players. The game starts when the captain from each team decides which side of the court they will play on, by the toss of a coin, which also determines who will serve the ball first.

The point of the game is to keep the ball in the air. The ball can be played with any part of the body, with a maximum of three strokes a team. If at any point the ball hits the floor, the side that the ball landed on it is a point for the other team. This is how the sport of volleyball works for those who want to play.

They say that volleyball is one of the easiest sports in Alaska. The thing that I like about volleyball is that we get to travel and compete with other villages. Secondly, I am still learning how to spike the ball. Well, I know how to serve the volleyball and I want to teach some of my volleyball teammates to serve the ball to the other side of the court so we can have more points.

Volleyball is my favorite sport, it is my third time joining and I really enjoy it. What I accomplished was that I learned how to serve the ball to the other side of the court and I don’t know how to underhand serve.

We hosted home games here in Scammon Bay and it was really exciting but embarrassing when we lost to all girls. I say that we could’ve done better if we weren’t stuck on our feet. Playing is difficult when we’re not communicating to each other and that was one of the most important things.

The spikers are Paul and Jackson and I say that they still need do their best to spike the ball. Yep, volleyball gives you sportsmanship and it will help in other sports as well.

Nemo Rivers

Scammon Bay, AK