REAA 2018 Election Results

photo by Greg Lincoln

The Regional Education Attendance Area elections were held on October 2nd, 2018. A Regional Educational Attendance Area (REAA) is an educational area that is established in an unorganized borough of the state. REAA elections are administered by the Division of Elections. These Regional Educational Attendance Area Election results are still unofficial. On October 12th, 2018 final count of absentee and questioned ballots by review boards and certification of the review in regional offices took place. The target date to certify the REAA Election is set for October 19th, 2018.
2018 REAA Election Results
REAA 2-4, Seat H
Cheemuk, Milton, 74
Haugen, Anthony P. 157
Walker, Ward W. 32
Write-in Votes 9
REAA 3, Seat A
Okitkun, Cyril P. 179
Okitkun, Robert 252
Redfox, Doug 166
Westlock, Gordon Jr. 243
Write-in Votes 11
REAA 3, Seat D
Ballard, George 217
Ulak, Caroline A. 609
Write-in Votes 16
REAA 3, Seat G
Beans, Fred P. 165
Beans, Palassa 158
Bergman, Leona H. 43
Makaily, Susie V. 187
Tinker, Beverly 191
Wilde, Jack J. 108
Write-in Votes 5
REAA 3, Seat H
Beans, Howard N. 245
Lamont, Fred P. 219
Lee, Joyce A. 70
Thompson, Kate 304
Write-in Votes 9
REAA 4-1, Seat A
Albert, Felix E. 221
Write-in Votes 26
REAA 4-3, Seat C
Long, Richard L. 255
Write-in Votes 44
REAA 4-4, Seat F
Cedars, Catherine J. 435
Latham, Deanna 630
Write-in Votes 17
REAA 4-4, Seat G
Boyer, Rahnia J. 396
Husa, Michael D. 517
Jones, Rodney 212
Write-in Votes 7
REAA 5-1, Seat A
S. Hunter, Teresa 122
Write-in Votes 8
REAA 5-2, Seat E
Hoffman, Harvey G. 77
Write-in Votes 6
REAA 5-3, Seat G
Hayden, Taylor 13
Write-in Votes 0
REAA 6, Seat D
Paul, Marie 308
Write-in Votes 21
REAA 6, Seat F
Gust, Wassillie W. 199
Jensen, Crystal C. 141
Write-in Votes 6
REAA 11-1, Seat C
Hamilton, Rudolph 113
Write-in Votes 27
REAA 11-3, Seat F
Dale, Alice M. 43
Write-in Votes 4
REAA 22, Seat C
Imgalrea, Alvina M. 38
Moses, Leo X. Jr. 55
Tuluk, Jeremy P. 81
Write-in Votes 2
REAA 22, Seat D
Atchak, John 47
Chayalkun, Ignatius 75
Symbol, Branham J. 51
Write-in Votes 2
REAA 23, Seat B
Alexie, Lillian M. 53
Charles, Robert M. 80
Write-in Votes 1
REAA 23, Seat D
Gregory, Peter A. 126
Write-in Votes 5
REAA 23, Seat E
Peter, Moses K. 115
Write-in Votes 13
REAA 23, Seat F
Gilila, David W. 42
Ivan, Ivan M. 61
Williams, Mike Sr. 39
Write-in Votes 0
The REAA 12 Yukon-Koyukuk had the highest voter turnout in the state at 39.98%. In our area, the REAA 2 Bering Straits had the highest percentage of voters coming to the polls at 28.40%. REAA 23 Yupiit had the lowest at 15.25%.
For our individual area villages, Grayling had the highest voter turnout at 41.67%. Coming in a close second was Lower Kalskag, 41.62%, and the third highest was Toksook Bay at 30.14%. The villages with the lowest turnout were Akiachak 8.43% and Newtok at 10.13%.
Statewide, the highest voter turnout goes to Ekwok who had 57.97% of voters go to the polls. In second is Golovin at 54.05%. In third is Huslia, 50.82%.
The lowest voter turnout, not by mailed ballots, was Big Delta at 2.55%.