Public Safety Training Academy graduates 37 Law Enforcement Officers

Lynette Strickland places the State Trooper pin on her son Charles' uniform during his graduation from the academy last week. Photo courtesy of Lynette Strickland

by Dept. of Public Safety Staff

Class includes 15 State Troopers and four Wildlife Troopers.
A class of 37 law enforcement officers graduated from the Public Safety Training Academy in Sitka on Friday, November 16, 2018. The graduation ceremony took place at the Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Tribal Community House, and officially concludes Alaska Law Enforcement Training (ALET) Session No. 1802. The Alaska State Troopers streamed the ceremony Live on Facebook. Graduating is former Bethelite Charles Strickland of Anchorage. Strickland is a Bethel Regional High School alumnus.
ALET Session 1802 Graduates:
• Kristen Benge, Alaska State Troopers
• Mathieu Benoit, Alaska State Troopers
• Dean Cavanaugh, CCTH VPSO
• Eligio Contreas, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• Calvin Culverwell, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• Richmond Dorris, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• Rachel Eytalis, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• Kyle Feuge, Alaska State Troopers
• Michael Forcier, Alaska Wildlife Troopers
• Jordon Goss, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• John Green, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• Alfredo Guzman, Alaska State Troopers
• Benjamin Hager, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• Cassandra Hajicek, Alaska Wildlife Troopers
• Patrick Hargis, Alaska State Troopers
• Peter Heid, Alaska Wildlife Troopers
• Sonya Hood, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• Jojo Inaldo, Kodiak Police Department
• Adam Jackson, Alaska State Troopers
• Vincent Kowalski, Ketchikan Police
• Brian LeMay, Alaska State Troopers
• Kenton Mayfield, Alaska State Troopers
• Harrison McKenney, Alaska State Troopers
• Cordell Murray, Nome Police
• Kaelen Paulson, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• Emma Smith, North Slope Borough Police
• Joshua Spann, Alaska Wildlife Troopers
• Gavin Strahan, Anchorage Airport Police & Fire
• Charles Strickland, Alaska State Troopers
• Coby Sutton, Alaska State Troopers
• Scout Sutton, Alaska State Troopers
• Samuel Thorvilson, Alaska State Troopers
• Heidi Venie, Alaska State Troopers
• Coby Webb, Alaska State Troopers
• Brett Welborn, Fairbanks Police
• Lorena Williams, Yakutat Police Department
• Kathryne Wolski, Kodiak Area Native Association VPSO
“These graduates have demonstrated loyalty, integrity, and commitment,” Department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan said. “I congratulate each of them on their success, and welcome them to Alaska’s law enforcement family. The people of this state will be well-protected through their service.”
Law enforcement students from around the state went through 1,042 hours of training during the 16-week basic ALET. The training incorporates intensive instruction in law enforcement-related topics, physical fitness, and scenario-based exercises – all designed to prepare entry-level police officers, village public safety officers, and Troopers for a successful career in law enforcement. Nearly 25% of the graduating class are female.
Following graduation, the 19 Trooper recruits will continue their training at the academy for an additional two weeks. The “Trooper Basic” training includes tailored and advanced training in fish and wildlife investigations, boating safety, survival, commercial fisheries enforcement, search and rescue, and critical stress management. Recruits also participate in additional scenario-based trainings.
Upon completion of Trooper Basic, recruits will move towards their first duty assignments in either Fairbanks, Soldotna, or the Mat-Su Valley, and begin a 12-week Field Training and Evaluation Program. All Trooper recruits are expected to develop to the point of being able to perform all law enforcement functions independently. If successful, the Trooper recruits will be promoted to the rank of Trooper upon completion of their probationary period, generally 12 months from the start of the academy.