Protect your hearing at all costs

by Peter Twitchell

Avoid hearing loss at all cost. Always wear noise reduction ear plugs and muffs. When l was a teenager it was loud muzzle blasts from guns that caused my loss of high frequency hearing, so please listen to anyone who tells you about protecting your ability to hear.

Hearing is an asset, and not to be taken for granted. Hearing loss is preventable, but you have to make every effort to save it. lf you lose your hearing, you never get it back. Take it from me, l regret not listening when l was told to protect my hearing from damage from loud volumes of music, on my headset, loud music from my guitar amplifiers, gun muzzle blasts, sno-gos, outboard motors, loud aircraft motors, chainsaws, electric saws, and generators.

MY HEARING IS GONE from my right ear, irreversible damage has been done, and my five thousand dollar hearing aid is useless because of the immense hearing loss to my ear caused by constant exposure to loud sounds.

Take great care and measures to protect your ability to hear. Thank you.