Problem Solver

by Peter Twitchell

Scientists are so smart, sometimes baffling how they think and what they accomplish in life, but the question still remains, are they that smart?

Can they tell exactly how many stars there are in the universe, and exactly what size and weight each planet weighs? It is amazing how the sun rotates and how perfect it is in sustaining life here on earth!

I know one who knows all, and that is the Creator of all matter and life. Pastor Clifford Jimmie reminded us of this last Sunday. He spoke of Job in the holy bible and the problems he had were many and too complicated to fathom. Only Job, I surmise knew the extent of each of his problems, but we all share problems, the list goes on and on, and like Job we blame God and others for our suffering in life. So, imagine Job, like us blamed God, his family, and others for all of his misfortunes.

You get a sense of where Job was in life, and how insignificant he felt at times. As a counselor, I have heard both men and women blame God for their circumstances in life, and like Job our problems can be many.

Creator God made Adam and Eve, he knows every little thing, both big and small of each one of us. He knows our problem better than we know about our own problem. If we had that understanding we would not project our problem out to others, and we would never blame anyone for our state of mind. If you think about this, our problems are our own creation. They exist within our minds, where hatred, envy, jealousy, anger, where all our ego exists, and ego is all negative. It was useful at one time for survival in a dark world.

Pastor Jimmie reminded us whenever we blame God for losing a loved one, i.e., wife, brother, dad, sister, a child, we step into God’s Sovereignty, instead of being submissive to God, because it can’t work any other way.

Our problems linger sometimes for our entire lives because we choose to hold on to them. Only, if we were smart enough to come to that realization that we own up to our problem(s) then we can do something about them. Until then, we will remain in misery, and misery loves company.

The thing about owning up to our problems is freedom from that misery. Each one of us can forge ahead, working to resolve our negative state of mind, by acceptance, and that Creator God will meet us halfway. We will never be healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, and in spirit until we fix our negative state.

You and I both know people who are happy and healthy. We can’t wait around for God to come and free us of our problems, we work on problems on our own, but we have the privilege of asking God’s help, and He has helped me through difficult times.

Before an important meeting, I silently ask God to be his instrument at the meeting I’m going to and I’m amazed how he uses me to get His will done. He asks each one of us to be more like him, think like him, just like we would honor our parents. After all, He considers us as His children.

I found Job to be an interesting read, especially Job Chapter 38. Oftentimes we cannot answer God’s questions, because we haven’t sought the answers to his questions of us, so it’s up to us to do our part in this life.