Potential Botulism Case in Bethel

by YKHC Staff

On March 21, 2018, the Alaska Section of Epidemiology received a report of a suspected case of foodborne botulism in an adult from Bethel. A possible source of the botulism toxin for this patient is the Native Salad that was available for purchase at the Cama-i Dance Festival in Bethel, March 16-18, 2018.
Botulism can be a life-threatening illness that could cause a person to stop breathing and die if they do not receive immediate medical care.
Symptoms of botulism include a dry mouth, blurred or double vision, difficulty swallowing, drooping eyelids, dilated pupils, voice changes, dizziness, and/or shortness of breath, which typically start 1-3 days after consuming the toxin-containing food.
While the diagnosis of botulism in this patient is not certain, out of an abundance of caution, we are advising people who consumed the Native Salad sold at the Cama-i Festival in Bethel to be watchful for the signs and symptoms of botulism.
People with symptoms in Bethel should visit the emergency room; people with symptoms outside of Bethel should call their clinic.
Throw away any leftover Native Salad you may have purchased at the Cama-i Dance Festival last weekend.