Please respect others property

by Peter Twitchell

Sunday, May 28, 2016 I checked in my two pieces of luggage and a tote in Anchorage at 0945 hours. When I got home to Bethel, I checked my bags and tote to make sure I still had all my property.

This trip I was missing a mounds 4pc. candy bar and a $11. roll of Gorilla bright red duct tape. I was angered that I was missing something I had shopped for because I needed the tape.

In its place was a TSA slip telling me they had gone into my tote. I saw ‘red’ that whomever took my things are above the law and can help themselves to my property. They stole from me, and yet I doubt anyone was fired by Alaska Airlines.

They are responsible for their workers which I believe the TSA is.

Today virtually everything is on Cam. When you get a complaint Alaska Airlines, check your surveillance tape. Someone is stealing our property.

I think I have a right to say “OUR” because I’ve had friends missing medicines and expensive property in the past and it continues.

When is it going to stop? My wife was missing over a thousand dollars worth of medicines when she arrived in Anchorage from Bethel, and a brand new piece of luggage. On the same flight another Elder was missing his meds from his bags. What about more expensive items that people have been missing?

I too, am an Elder now, on a fixed income. I did call the Bethel station of the Alaska Airlines and was promised some miles in lieu of my $12. stolen items, but that does not replace the fluorescent duct tape I was going to use, very strong Gorilla tape not currently available in Bethel.

From this day forward I have some options, I can mail my duct tape and candy bar through the postal service, or fly Ravn. All the years I flew on Era I was never missing my personal property out of my luggage and totes.

In order that I am healthy in mind, body and spirit, I must forgive Alaska Airlines, especially the TSA. Thieves no matter who they are will be prosecuted by the court of law.