Petition launched for Calista Shareholder Vote on Donlin Mine

photo by Greg Lincoln

Shareholders for Economic Prosperity, has launched a petition for Calista shareholders who wish to add their name to the request for a democratic vote on whether or not Calista and its partners should move forward with development of the Donlin Creek Gold Mine.

“We feel that shareholders should have a say in whether or not Calista Corporation continues to pursue Development of the Donlin Gold Deposit in our Region and strongly feel that shareholders have a right to be informed of the impacts of the development in the region,” says Loren Peterson, President and founder of the organization. “Having a shareholder vote will allow for meaningful dialogue and discussions of the proposed development and a democratic approach to this issue removes accountability on the board of directors should the Donlin Mine be developed and results in devastation of salmon populations.”

There is a website to go to add your name to the petition for Calista shareholders.  The website is Shareholders for Economic Prosperity is hoping to accumulate at least 10% of shareholder votes in the petition which calls for a Special Meeting to be held to conduct a vote of the shareholders within 90 days of receiving the signed petition.