Our success is your success

by Greg Lincoln

Last Wednesday we were honored to accept the Association of Village Council Presidents Small Business Award. That is a great honor and a humbling gift. What can we give in return for such a great compliment? We give our heartfelt thanks, our continued devotion to our work, and hope for ongoing success. Thank you to AVCP for considering us for this tribute, to all who work so hard to make the Delta Discovery possible each week, and to Kelly for graciously accepting the award on our behalf and for saying a few words of thanks. Quyana cakneq.
This past spring in May a white dove (it may also be a pigeon) came to us. It is a mystery where it came from but there it was. We had put some birdseed out for the little wild Alaskan songbirds to eat around our house this summer and this dove liked the food. It must have been hungry.
When we first saw it, we were a pleasantly shocked. How amazing and delightful that it came to visit us. We had seen pigeons before in our community and now here was this nice looking dove. We continued to offer food to it and it would eat. At night it would fly off somewhere until the next day where it would come back and eat some more.
And then there were two.
Two beautiful white doves. Now doves are not indigenous to our area and these birds had leg bands. They must belong to someone. If they do, please let us know. They have grown on us and every day we look for them to make sure they are okay.
White doves are a symbol of peace. They have made us happy and happiness is a form of peace if you think about it. Our neighbors have also seen the doves and have asked us about them. We have enjoyed the conversations we have had. Sometimes we hear them cooing and it sounds beautiful. The doves also like to visit our neighbors and will sit on their houses and see what is going on around the neighborhood.
Our world is a little more nicer with them around, which brings us to the concern for their safety and well-being when cold winter comes.
As we continue onward, let us wish peace upon our fellow man. Living with grief is a hard burden to bear. We can do our part, if we wish, and share that in that burden.
Thank you to all for your well wishes, for your deep concern and kindness, your support and prayers.