Opposing the SAR submission

To: Anthony Christianson, Chairman

On July 6, 2017, Mr. Dave Cannon submitted a SAR to the FSB for immediate action on:

1) That the FSB rescind the In-Season Fisheries Management Authority of the YDNWR Manager for the remainder of the 2017 fishing season. Akiak Native Community does not support this request because the YKNWR Manager worked within the MOU between KRITFC and USFWS, and in consultation with ADFG and KRMWG all season until the turnover of Management to the ADFG;

2) That the FSB take over In-Season Management of the fishery based on conservation principles of Chinook stocks as identified in sections 815(1) and 816(b) in the Title VIII of ANILCA. Akiak Native Community opposes this request because the YDNWR Manager took extreme conservation measures in consultation with ADFG, KRITFC since May 20, 2017 until the transfer of jurisdiction to ADFG. It is remarkable that the Local Residents were very patient and complied with all the conservation measures;

3) That FSA-KS-01-17 be extended beyond August 10, 2017 to include management of chum, sockeye, and coho salmon fishery. Akiak Native Community requested with its SAR to include the species identified but were rejected by FSB, only the Chinook was of conservation concern. So therefore, Akiak Native Community opposes to include the other salmon species on the Kuskokwim River.

4) Akiak Native Community has the Government to Government relationship with the United States Department of the Interior.

Ivan M. Ivan, Chief
Akiak Native Community

“Where there’s life there’s hope”

In his book On The Edge of Nowhere, Jimmy Huntington always used this as his maxim (Jimmy Huntington, pg. 7)

He used it a lot and it came to a point where his siblings used it as a joke when a pretty lady shook hands with an old man. It was his philosophy to life. He nearly froze to death one time and made a fire just in time.

I think Jimmy meant that wherever there is life, there is hope, a hope to survive and live life to the fullest. Each and every one of us have hope. Although at times in our lives we feel like that is not true. Each of us can reach our potential and I think that Jimmy wants us to realize that. I think that is why he said this quote.

A lot of teenagers and young adults commit suicide. They don’t see hope anymore. And I think this is where it applies to our generation. If people can realize that each and everyone one of us carry hope, I think that the suicide rates would decrease.

This is important to me because it can apply to my life. I can use it throughout my life to help me. Not only my life but I can use it to help inspire others around me that the quote is true. This quote is important to me also because everyone has life. Which means that everyone has hope. And if we put it all together than we have a big pile of hope that we are bound to make a difference.

Austin Atcherian
Chevak, AK

Let Your Light Shine

Check the temperature in the world it feels cold, But I ask you a question are you willing to be bold? You see while people are hating one another for all sorts of things, Will you show them a heart filled with the love that God brings.

Often people around you are blinded by the darkness of night, So God places you in their path to be a light. Someone needs your smile or friendly hello, Because with their life they were about to let go.

Let a smile fill your face to a stranger today, And who knows you may change a life on your way. The supernatural is not always healing the sick and raising the dead, Sometimes it’s bringing joy to someone who was so depressed they couldn’t lift their head.

I ask you to let your light shine in someone’s life, You could be the answered prayer to their internal strife. All we have to do is be the blessing God made us to be, And in that process others will be set free.

Bryson Menegak
Tununak, AK

HB 111 has passed, now let’s focus on refilling the pipeline

It’s Done – a compromise bill on HB 111, the Oil Tax Policy passed both the House and Senate. The final version eliminated cashable credits to oil companies, something the Legislature, the Governor and the public understand Alaska can no longer afford. It made a few other changes as well in an effort to compromise, such as limiting use of tax deductions.

Although it takes more than the fair share of revenue from the oil industry, it was time to put the compromise to rest and let the oil industry move forward with a level of certainty. Stability is the crucial element for a positive investment climate in Alaska. The passage of HB 111 marks the seventh time in the last 12 years that Alaska has increased taxes and government take on the oil industry.

Enough is enough. We must stop threatening the oil industry with further increases and unstable tax policies every Legislative session. If we don’t, we will suffer the obvious consequences: less investment, fewer jobs, less oil through the pipeline and a worsening economy.

Compromise has been reached. Now it’s time to move forward and work on ideas and opportunities to increase investment and production in Alaska’s number one resource.

KEEP Alaska Competitive
Anchorage, AK