Off duty officers respond to gang prison riot

A riot occurred last night (May 8th, 2019) at Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward, AK. There was extensive damage to a housing unit, but no Officers were injured. Recognized institutional gangs were involved. SORT teams and additional Correctional Officers from Wildwood Correctional Complex and other institutions were deployed to the scene.

Other off-duty Officers, upon hearing about the incident, jumped into their cars to rush to the institution on their own to help, which says a lot about the dedication of Correctional Officers to their fellow Officers, and to keeping Alaskans safe.

This week is National Correctional Officers Week. If you see a Correctional Officer, know that they run to the fire, and thank them for it.

Sgt. Randy McLellan, President

Alaska Correctional Officers Association

DiY Network/Discovery Channel television series Building Alaska seeks Remote Cabin Build Projects for its 11th Season

Are you, or someone you know, planning a challenging remote cabin build in the coming months? For yourself or a client? If so, give us a holler!

ALASKA, STATEWIDE: The Last Frontier connotes a lot of things. Vast. Wild. Frozen. Unpredictable. Building remotely in Alaska connotes another: not easy.

Those inspired to build in the middle of nowhere… in ALASKA… possess mad MacGyverlike skills, run on adrenalin and omit “can’t do” from their vocabulary. Dorsey Pictures is presently casting build teams with extraordinary projects that are about to breakground or permafrost this Summer.

To be considered, please send an email to [email protected] In the email please include FULL contact information (phone and email) a little information about your build (schedule, budget, GPS coordinates) and some photos of your team and the build site.

Cindy Baggish, Dorsey Pictures

Hello Eskimo

I have not ever favored nor appreciated the term “Eskimo” since it is a foreign word in Yup’ik, Cup’ig, Siberian Yup’ik, and Inupiat and it is one of the items on my appeal to the Veteran’s Administration for an Agent Orange disability upgrade. I was blacklisted by the command for replying “Hi Flip” to a Filipino cook when he said “Hello Eskimo” to me on the Naval minesweeper.

The staffer in charge of the local Mount Pleasant V.A. office was astounded that a blacklisting would ensue for a simple greeting exchange but injustice of different stripes and kinds seems to have followed me around in life including the fight for Bethel housing improvements back in 1970. Why me? But I can say that’s OK with me at my elder age.

I heed the federal regulations now to state that I am Alaskan Native of Cup’ig descent, not “Eskimo” nor “Indian”, since I am neither. “Indian” is also foreign terminology coined by Columbus.

Gilbert Keywehak, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Need a job? Want to help your community?

Then you’re in luck! The 2020 US Census is hiring today for positions in Dillingham and every other community in Southwest Alaska.

On average, every Alaskan benefits from about $3,000 per year in Federal spending. Over the 10-year period between censuses, that is about $30,000 per person, or $150,000 for a household of five. Ensuring our state and region receive adequate aid depends on knowing how many people live there, and the Census drives many State and Federal funding formulas, so it is important that we maximize participation in our state, region, and communities.

This is where you come in. The Census will be hiring Enumerators and Field Supervisors for $25-$31 per hour for now through next fall. They offer paid training, and have positions ranging from just a few hours a week to 30-40 hours per week, so whether you are looking for a small side-gig, a full-time job, or just have some free time on your hands, please consider applying!

Find out more and apply online at or reach out directly to one of the two Tribal Partnership Specialists the census has working with the communities of House District 37. Charmaine Ramos will be working with communities in the Aleutians while Donna Bach will be working with Dillingham and the rest of the district. You can reach them at:

Charmaine Ramos: 

[email protected] or 907-952-6261; Donna Bach: [email protected] or 323-791-2381

Rep. Bryce Edgmon, Juneau, AK

Example: 9075434113