Ocean Hunting Trip

Photo by Sylvia Moore

This is John Westlock III holding his spear and spear thrower made by his Uppa Albert of Emmonak, AK. This is just one set of many that his Uppa has gifted him over his short 3 years of age. John is a born hunter, he asks his dad to take him out boating everyday. On this particular day John III watched, as his older cousin Connor Hootch eagerly tried his luck at catching a seal, and wanted to give his own spear and spear thrower a try. Although he didn’t catch this day, the enthusiasm he had to try, and to watch out for the seal, shows how much he loves hunting, already at 3 years old. He also has a toy gun from his Uppa and Grams, which he has to take out on our boating trips, he keeps it near him while looking out for birds and moose. This boy of ours is a pride and joy of our families on both sides, he is our only son. He has two older sisters who love him dearly, and parents who encourage him and his family to learn our way of life, and culture, and also the importance of keeping our traditions alive. -Sylvia Moore