Notable people of Bethel

by Peter Twitchell

Every day of our lives we see good, and good people. They are our neighbors, some of them deserve some recognition. And, I am glad to know them.

I was at the region basketball games this past weekend and was happy to see that Mr. Carlton Kuhns was recognized and given the moniker: “Uppa Basketball,” because some 30 years ago now, they had the first regions basketball tournament and Carlton told me, “It was Mekoryuk boys,” that stood out back then. I believe it would be proper to call our next regions basketball tournament in 2018, “Carlton ‘Uppa Basketball’ Kuhns Regional” tournament, something to that effect and whatever fits the bill.

Congratulations Carlton on your recognition and dedication to the children and students of the LKSD region for 30 plus years!

Bill Taylor and Kristy Inman have helped people of Bethel all these years with their business, “Corina’s Caselot,” store. We’ve been able to get great service from a business that is for local people by local people, because they hire exclusively Bethel people. An advantage to this is that the money paid to local people stays in Bethel, and therefore circulates 3, maybe 4 times or more, because it stays here.

They have supported KYUK Radio and Television, and have been helpful to everyone who darkens their business’ doorsteps. We get great and reliable service. I’ve never had to struggle with all the groceries and water I’ve ever bought from them. They cart out all that and put it in my vehicle or taxi, and several times have delivered it to my house. They have been helpful to all who know them, in other ways.

Bill and Kristy have gone out of their way to go the extra mile for you and me. I appreciate that they have decided to stay here this long and give the people of Bethel and the villages great service, which is not always the case everywhere you shop.

Thank you to their dedicated employees, I’ve really appreciated everything that you have done to help me. Every little bit has made us better people here in a harsh environment and not often friendly country.

I’m happy that Bethel people have a spirit of helping, and service. There are other numerous citizens that deserve recognition and you know who these people are, we see and say hello to them everyday, at the post office, and at their workplace. These are folks that make that big wheel turn everyday of their lives!

Thank you again, and I’m glad to live in this great place called Bethel. Named by the first Moravians who settled here, “The House of God.”