Nome miner kills a Hairy Man

A miner from Nome shot and killed a hairy man-like creature back in the 1960s, as depicted in this drawing. Illustration by AI

This story has been around for a long time, which happened in the 1960s. Variations of the story come and go.
Jean Joiner was a miner from Nome who had a mine near Jade Mountain on Dahl Creek. The Jade Mountains are the westernmost peaks of the Brooks Range.
Jade Mountain is along the Kobuk River near Ambler and Shungnak, about 150 miles east of Kotzebue, the closest large town. Alaska’s state gem is jade, because of the dark green jade from this area.
Mr. Joiner told his story that he had killed a Bigfoot-like animal near his mine, which he thought was a bear at first. But when he looked at the “bear” he killed, he didn’t know what it was but it resembled a human being.
He got real scared of what he had killed and believing that he would get in trouble for it, he cut it up and threw the pieces into the stream near his mine.
Mr. Joiner eventually did tell some people about his kill. One of the people he told was a BLM representative from the Nome office, who also reported it.