Nikki Nick Corbett honored by AFN

by Vicki Malone

Nikki Nick Corbett in her very cool “Sew Yup’ik” mask. Photo courtesy of Vicki Malone

Nicholette Corbett (Nikki Nick) was honored by AFN at the 2020 AFN Convention as the recipient of the Presidents Small Business Award last week. Her business, Sew Yup’ik, has taken off since Nikki started it five years ago on her kitchen table. She specializes in qaspeqs, handbags, cup cozies and many other items, most recently masks. Nikki has also produced online videos showing how to sew qaspeqs.

“I am eternally grateful for all my teachers, but most importantly to my grandmothers who passed on for their knowledge. Without their teaching, I would not be where I am today. I also would like to thank my family especially my aipaq,” said Corbett on her Facebook page and acceptance speech.

Corbett was also recognized for the hundreds of masks she sewed for health care workers all over the state. “When the pandemic began,” she said, “I realized there was a great need for masks. I was grateful I had a skill I could share with others.” Sew Yup’ik has both an online and FB presence.