New Subsistence Advisory Committee created to provide input on Donlin Gold Project

photo by Greg Lincoln

March 09, 2021: The proposed Donlin Gold mine’s technical oversight group is seeking direct input from communities in proximity to the project and its transportation corridor in the Y-K Region. The Donlin Advisory Technical Review and Oversight Committee (DATROC) is launching a Subsistence Community Advisory Committee (SCAC), one of a series of committees that will provide perspective and local knowledge on issues specific to the project.

The DATROC is a committee of Donlin Gold LLC, Calista Corporation and The Kuskokwim Corporation representatives who monitor and provide oversight to the Donlin Gold project. The committee discusses environmental protections, cultural resources, subsistence uses, reclamation and potential impacts on communities.

“Community residents, who are largely our Shareholders, can have an important voice and presence in the development of this project and its future operations. By serving on a committee, our people have direct input on the project and a direct line of communication to its oversight group,” said Andrew Guy, President and CEO of Calista Corporation.

“This is our home. Our families have been the caretakers of this area for generations and will continue to steward these lands for generations to come. These community advisory committees provide a way for people of the region to have input, a critical voice of the potential project,” said Andrea Gusty, President and CEO of The Kuskokwim Corporation.

“We are continuing to gather input from those residing closest to the project site out of respect for the land and its people’s traditional subsistence practices,” said Dan Graham, Donlin Gold LLC General Manager. “This is an exciting opportunity to share ideas and have solution-oriented dialog and discussions.”

The formation of the SCAC was discussed in public forums over the past year and was envisioned during the project permitting stage. However, the committee launch was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of a vaccine. More information on the charter, purpose, time commitment and membership process will be provided in the next month as the application process opens for the Subsistence Community Advisory Committee.

The future advisory committees will include Environment, Transportation & Infrastructure, as well as Social & Cultural Responsibility. All future committees will have a subsistence component.

Subsistence Community Advisory Committee Timeline, Membership & Roles

• Starting April 2021, applications will be available.

• Starting May 2021, SCAC Members will be recruited through an application process.

• In Fall 2021, the SCAC will hold its first meeting.

• The SCAC will have designated seats and terms.

• SCAC Members will commit to:

1. Receiving and distributing information on Donlin Gold’s plans, operations or monitoring activities.

2. Communicating information of local subsistence activities and traditional knowledge as it relates to information shared by Donlin Gold.

3. Sharing and discussing potential issues of concern related to Donlin Gold’s plans, operations or monitoring activities, on subsistence activities, wildlife or habitat.

4. Making recommendations to DATROC related to subsistence and assist DATROC in developing, and periodically updating, a subsistence plan for lands and waters that may be affected by the project.

COMING SOON: Additional information on the committee application process and tools to learn more about the Donlin Gold project will be available soon.