My friend Harry

by Peter Twitchell

My friend Harry Nicholai became a man of God, he was a humble man, a quiet man who would not retaliate if you said anything to him. He listened to what you had to say and gave it to God. I’m sure there were many times he might not agree with what you had to say about him or to him.
It takes a kind heart not to challenge or justify or argue a point. He served his Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth with dignity and respect. He was a hero for his God. He knew himself and took care of his needs without asking for anything in return.
If you were feeling low he could make you laugh, he had a good heart. It was natural and he didn’t have to put on an act. It was a joy being with him.
I took him moose hunting and he was a good partner out in the field. He pulled his own weight and went above and beyond the call of duty. He was a hard worker and self-starter. He was one with the great outdoors. He gave thanks to the Creator God each day and before a meal and I learned a thing or two about love for God and all living things.
He rests in God’s grace.