Music is alive and well

by Peter Twitchell

Just a couple schools of thought. My relative David Chanar reiterated the return of vinyl records! They are here so are the phonograph record players! Available in every major store and pawn shops.

I was amused to see packaged 45 rpm records the other day and pleased to see in a music magazine the return of Van Morrison’s Irish Rock band “THEM” first two LPs!

Music is alive and well. Our daughter Suzi goes to UAA. Her courses include music, and she is happily involved with Anchorage’s Fair Weather Flutes, and the Anchorage Community Band!

I listen to a number of AM and FM radio stations here. I do miss Yup’ik radio station K.Y.U.K. and what was once my steady diet of Yupiaq Language on the Delta airwaves.

I appreciated the Anchorage Daily News article in this morning’s (1.28.19) paper on the Kuskokwim River’s “Ice Road” and all the work that goes into maintaining it. I translated the entire article out loud as I was reading it. I felt right at home.

I enjoyed my drives upriver when I lived in Bethel and enjoy the road system here. I was in Willow, AK just up the road over the weekend to play in David Chanar’s Pilot Bread. It was good to see all the folks up there and read about the folks back home on the Kuskokwim! Quyana.