Mothers Day Blessings

by Greg Lincoln

Mother’s around the world are celebrated for all that they do for us on Mothers Day. Every second Sunday in May is designated as the special day for moms here in our nation. Without our moms, where would we be?

The service that our moms render to us and to all of family is priceless.

They work hard for us each day. They cook delicious gourmet meals for us when we are hungry, where they make something out of nothing. They know how to prepare and take care of our subsistence gathered gifts of the land and sea. They know just what we need.

Here in Yup’ik Eskimo country, we celebrate our moms and grandmothers with gifts and homemade presents, pictures and cards, and sometimes if we are able we will throw a feast with all kinds of native foods in honor of our moms. It is like their second birthday. During the gift giving everyone gathers around to ooh and ahh at all the beautiful and wonderful presents for that special lady.

Children are like a crown to a mother, and that makes her a queen.

There is one person on earth that I cannot live without and that is my wife Kelly, the mother of our children, the one who keeps us together, my heart and love, and the one I will grow old with. I am amazed every day by your talents and creativity!

Not only that, all animals love you. Animals, who can sense the good in a person, have you in their trust.

Love your mothers. They are the best thing in the world, they keep our families together. They are special. Treat her with the utmost love, honor and respect her – she is the queen of your family.

There is one memory that Kelly has that she was telling me about. There was a mother, and she was also a grandmother. When one of her grandchildren got hurt in an accident – it could have been a fall or something like that, the mother of the child rushed the baby to the grandmother where it was promptly enveloped in her loving arms. The child who had been crying, qalervagluni, was comforted by her love and affection and all the hurts and pains that they had been feeling disappeared along with the crying. Baby was okay.

Mothers have that special ability to make all things better. I don’t know how they do it, it is a special gift that they have, like a natural talent from God who is the giver of all earthly talents.

Thank you Lord for mothers!

Quyana to all the moms for the prayers you have spoken for us in our time of need.