Moravian Church Christmas Candlelight Service

Alusistuami Kinurayagarlunting Agayutlerkaat

December 24, 2021: The Bethel Moravian Church held their annual Yup’ik Candlight Service on Christmas Eve in Bethel. The beautiful service was led by Frank Matthew of Quinhagak, Freda Jimmie played the piano, and Elena Aluskak led the congregation in singing Agiak Tanqigpalria. Families sat together as they worshipped and sang Christmas hymns in Yup’ik Nunam Yui KuyakilitItlpitsi AnegilaulrianiKuyatsi TamarpitsiAgaiuyutvut Yurtuk, and Anegilat AturpagtutAshilngum Iluane Tanegermitetlrukut, and closed with Kuyana Kuyana.

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