Moose hunter sees Hairy Man in Discovery Creek

A moose hunter traveling through Discovery Creek saw a hairy man-like creature along the riverbank as shown in this drawing. Illustration by AI

by Delta Discovery staff

A few years ago, a resident of Tuluksak was moose hunting in the Discovery Creek when his motor broke down. Unable to fix his motor, a fellow hunter in another boat began to tow him home.
The hunter rode in his towed boat.
The Discovery flows out into the Old Kuskokwim River Channel, between Aniak and Kalskag. Brush and trees line the slough mostly, but there are also stretches of grassy banks.
As they were headed out of the creek, the hunter in the towed boat spied a Hairy Man crouching or sitting along the bank between brush. It seemed like it trying to remain hidden and watching them go by, but the hunter spotted it.
Excited at seeing the Hairy Man, he began hollering and waving to get the attention of the fellow in the boat up front, but the man towing the boat couldn’t hear him over the noise of the motor. He was always only looking forward.
The hunter was only able to see the Hairy Man briefly, but as they got farther away, he couldn’t see it anymore being hidden by brush. He looked in its direction for as long as he could but didn’t see it anymore.
He really wanted to go back to check the creature, and even check for tracks if it wasn’t there anymore, but the hunter towing him took him farther and farther away from where he saw the creature.
The Discovery is a winding river, with a few straight stretches. The Hairy Man was long gone from view and around many bends by the time the hunter in the towing boat slowed down or stopped to take a break.
After the hunter told his friend about seeing the Hairy Man, they decided they were too far along to go back and check on the creature.
The hunter said the Hairy Man was all dark, but very recognizable. It wasn’t a moose or bear, but resembled an ape or gorilla, however, it was also man-like.
Although this story was told to us by the witness, his name is withheld as a courtesy.