Michael Joseph Prince Dec. 4, 1948 – April 8, 2018

Michael Joseph Prince, first son of Frederick and Pauline Prince, (both deceased), passed away unexpectedly due to heart failure on April 8, 2018, at his home in Kotlik, Alaska. His wife, Theresa, was beside him.
Michael, 69, was born on December 4, 1948 and lived all of his life in Kotlik. He was the eldest of 14 children. He finished his western education at the 8th grade, and lived a life of caring, honoring and supporting his parents with a subsistence life.
His subsistence activities supported his siblings and grandparents, Stefan and Theresa Kameroff and Charlie and Pauline Prince.
Michael was well known for his hunting skills especially for accurately spearing and harpooning seals and whales. He was also a successful fur trapper, large animal hunter, and fisherman.
Michael lived by true Yup’ik values taught to him by his parents and grandparents. He shared his catch, told stories, and was extremely knowledgeable of the land and ocean and all it had to offer. He knew the best hunting areas for each season and was a provider all of his life.
He taught those skills to his children and grandchildren. He showed incredible love for all of his family, and particularly loved being a grandfather.
Michael was a member of the Kotlik Yup’ik Corporation and served on the Board of Directors for 22 years. He also served 18 years with the Kotlik Tribal Council. During his life he worked for the Northern Commercial Company cannery, Yupigtak Bista INC. and was a commercial fisherman. He served in the Alaska National Guard for six years and received an honorable discharge. He enjoyed camping, hunting, teasing his relatives, and serving others.
Michael was preceded in death by his parents, grandparents, several aunts and uncles, a brother in law, three siblings, two nephews, and one grandson.
He is survived by his wife Theresa, his children, Donna, Bernard, Fredrika, Jessica, Gloria, Anna, and Keoni. His grandchildren include: Leon, Garrett, Kassandra, Makaiyak, Tyrone, Terrence, Marcus, Juliette, Myles, Bernadette, Micah, Ava Jade, JoElle, Reina, Charlotte, Savion, Joy, Riann, Ayla, and one great grandchild, Kyrie.
His surviving siblings include, Isaac, Nita Rearden, Cathy Moses, Helen Kitsick, Francis, Joseph, Mary Bridget Owen, Magdalena Okitkun, Theresa Mike, and Lorena Prince.
The family thanks everyone who helped out after his passing for their support, prayers, aid, and all the donations from Laufkak, AC, Kotlik Yup’ik Corp., and YDFDA.