Men arrested for unlawful animal treatment

Alaska Wildlife Troopers contacted two individuals with a recently harvested bull moose in Brown’s Slough in Bethel On 09/15/2022. Further investigation revealed the individuals, identified as Steven Andrew and Tyler Walker, located the moose swimming in the Kuskokwim River. They used their boat to keep the moose from reaching shore, eventually tiring it out. At that point, they attached a rope to the moose. The moose was killed by unlawful methods and means. The moose was taken in GMU 18 Zone 1, which was closed on 09/09/2022. Andrew and Walker were charged with Take Moose Closed Season, Unlawful Methods/Means, and Unlawful Possession/Transportation. Their boat was seized as evidence and the moose was donated to ONC in Bethel. Arraignment was set in the Bethel Court on 12/07/2022.