Memories of Christmas Fudge

by Peter Twitchell

One morning during the Christmas season I went to work and was given some strips, pound cake and chocolate fudge. The chocolate fudge was special, being that day was Chief’s Day, celebrated in memory of our Traditional Chiefs in AVCP Eskimo Country.

In addition to growing up here in Bethel and across the river at Mamterrilleq, I also grew up in Akiak where my dad David had his “Twitchell General Mercantile Store”. There I would go and visit with Peter Sara and his wife, Christine. She always had delicious chocolate fudge at their cabin, she was always extra generous with that.

I loved to visit with them and they always made sure I ate something or brought something home to mom and dad. One of my favorite dishes was jarred moose that they pressure cooked and put up for the winter months, and the fudge during the holidays was always special.

The fudge I had that morning brought back some fond memories of Christmas’s back then when I was a kid, growing up across the river from Bethel and in Akiak.

Some sensory of ours always brings back memories and that chocolate fudge did it for me – thanks!

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to all!