McCormick chosen to fill vacant City Council seat

Conrad McCormick of Bethel filled the vacant seat on city council on November 10th, 2020. Photo courtesy of CJ McCormick

Conrad McCormick has been selected to serve on the Bethel City Council, filling the vacancy left by former council member Cece Franko.

McCormick, who was born and raised in Bethel, submitted his letter of intent on October 19th. He asked for council’s consideration citing his participation in the last city election as a write-in candidate. McCormick also serves as a member of the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation’s COVID-19 response team and brings an understanding of how council must responsibly deal with the pandemic.

He also expressed an interest in filling the empty seat to represent the younger demographic of Bethel.

“In these times, it’s necessary that a young person be allowed in not only the discussion of how our city proceeds, but also the decision making,” he stated in his letter. “What I lack in experience I will more than make up for in fresh perspective. It is my generation that will bear the burden of decisions made by council in Bethel and the YK Delta, therefore I feel it’s only right that we are properly represented.”

After a brief Q&A session, McCormick was unanimously voted in by council to fill the vacant 1-year term seat. Former council member Cece Franko was given appreciation for her service and best wishes for her future endeavors.