Mary Bernadette Nuuni Julius Nov. 25, 1996 – Sept. 25, 2017

On behalf of Moses and Winnie Julius’ family, I would like to say quyana to all the people that were there for our family during the time of their (our) loss of a loved one.

We were touched beyond words that’s indescribable. Saying ‘quyana’ is an understatement. Our quyana to all of you is deeply heartfelt. Everyone that is near and far made a difference. Even the simplest thing means the most. We saw many of God’s blessing in all ages. May the Good Lord bless all of you for all you’ve done to them during this time of sorrow.

There are so many people to say “Quyana cakneq” to. If I put your name, the list will be too long. You know who you are.

Quyana Grant Air for bringing Nuuni to her final destination. To Ravn Air, your generous donations were greatly appreciated. It made it more possible for loved ones and friends that lived out of this village to say their final ‘good byes’ to our Nuuni.

Quyana to my son for bringing Nuuni down from the airport to their house. For stopping by her Ap’a and Maacung Carl’s house for few minutes while driving her down and for honking, revving, and honk honking again. I could imagine them looking through their window, smiling and welcoming their beloved Arnarpallraq home.

For the ladies that prepared her when she was brought home, the gravediggers, the casket maker, and casket cover makers.

For all that brought food, ones that donated food or made contributions, for the ones that cleaned, for local and out of town businesses that made donations and/or contributions, for the ones that came to be with the family, and the ones that flew or rode over to be with family. Her friends, families and extended families. The ones that made phone calls, the ones that came to eat or drink tea/coffee, the ones that played instruments, the ones that shared songs, or just came to listen and for the ones that spent extra hours in the middle of the night and stayed with her family.

We are very fortunate to have neighbors, friends, and relatives that are willing to give extra hands and share extra time to be with family, and who are giving.

For our nieces, nephews, sons and daughters that gave helping hands. You made us feel very fortunate that you are part of our big family. Your ap’a and maacung would’ve been very grateful for all you’ve done for our family. Continue to give an extra hand to the ones that need help and don’t expect anything in return. Give it all to God. He works in mysterious ways and you will understand someday.

For our deacon and our elders that came to be with our family. Saying our goodbyes to Nuuni was very difficult but your presence and prayers were very comforting and it gave us strength.

Quyana also goes to Greg and Kelly Lincoln for letting us share.

Above all, quyana Agayun, cikiutevnek Mary Bernadette Nuuni Julius-amek. For giving her a birthday on a special day, Thanksgiving Day. She dearly loved her nieces, nephews, and her little cousins. You could see love in her eyes when she saw them. We are thankful that she gave us lasting memories that will never be forgotten. She is forever in our hearts. She is greatly missed by all and especially her family. Taugaam tua-i-ngunrituq. May we meet again on some glad morning.

Her favorite song is “Battle Scars” by Julie Roberson CreeAtive. Chorus of the song, “I’ll be the breeze on your back on the hot, hot day. I’ll be the moonlight that shines up your way, Oh, the northern lights that dance upon the sky, I will always be by your side.”

May she be the breeze on a hot day. May she be the moonlight. May she be the dancing northern lights. And may she be always by your side.

Continue to pray for our families and others that are grieving for loved ones that passed on and that the Good Lord will give them strength, patience, understanding, and comfort. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Matthew 11:28 28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”