Man arrested

Hooper Bay Village Police contacted Alaska State Troopers to report Marcus Seton (age 20 of Hooper Bay) was highly intoxicated and running around the village pointing guns at people on 7/2/19 at about 1900 hours. A short time later VPOs advised they had arrested Seton and he was at the jail (a Good Samaritan had tackled Seton and VPOs took him into custody). State Troopers conducted follow up investigation and interviews on 7/3/19. Investigation revealed Seton had been highly intoxicated and used a shotgun and rifle to place several residents (including village police and children) in fear of imminent serious physical injury. He caused injury to an adult male using the stock of the shotgun. Seton was also found to be on conditions of release and pretrial supervision from 4 open and unrelated criminal cases. Seton is arrested and charged with Assault 3 (fear) x8, Misconduct Involving Weapons 4 x2 (possess firearm while intoxicated), Violating Conditions of Release x2, and Assault 4 (injury). He is jailed in Hooper Bay awaiting arraignment.