Local telecom business awards scholarships to 40 students

by Greg Lincoln

Congratulations on your future success as students – this is to the forty Alaska students from 29 communities across the state that will each receive a scholarship for the 2021-22 academic year through the GCI Scholarship Program.

The 2021-22 GCI Scholarship Program recipients are:

Ian Thai, Anchorage; Delen Hooper, Bethel; Ryan Flodin, Chugiak; Lydia Bushey, Palmer; Linnea Morgan Gossard, Cooper Landing; Luke Nicholas Wulvik, Dillingham; Sawyer Sands, Dillingham; Dylan M. Bender, Eagle River; Darrell Semaken, Unalakleet; Brennan Garcia, Glennallen; Lydia Andriesen, Haines; Austin R. Cline, Homer; Talia Henry, Huslia; Kiana Potter, Juneau; Chariety Moler, Kake; Leif Erik Lofquist, Kenai; Nina Lee Holman, Ketchikan; Glen Paul Babcock, King Cove; Kim Aubrey Fortaliza, Kodiak; Jessalyn Swanson, Kotzebue; Margaret Ludwig, Wasilla; North Brubaker, Wasilla; Trekker Avril, Palmer; Brody Wysocki, MEHS-Sitka; Hayden Hunt, MEHS-Sitka; Matt Hunt, MEHS-Sitka; Raquel H. George, MEHS-Sitka; Braden Allen Envoy, Nikiski; Samuel Benjamin VanderWeele, Palmer; Lucy Berlyn Hankins, Seward; Gavin Brennan, Soldotna; Ayla Cummings, Tatitlek; Isabella Hanna, Juneau; Benjamin Noah Brown, Healy; Aleutia Peters, Unalaska; James Vuong, Unalaska; Hailey Hodgins, Anchorage; Robyn Booker, Wrangell; Kieran Bentley, Napaskiak.

Recipients represent 29 communities across Alaska, stretching from Unalaska in the Aleutians, east to Ketchikan, and more than 1,300 miles north to Utqiagvik. The GCI Scholarship Program is geared towards awardees who plan to seek a degree or certification with a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) focus, with an intention to return to Alaska to start their careers, said GCI.

GCI launched the scholarship program more than 20 years ago to help develop and grow Alaska’s next generation of leaders. Since the program began, GCI has awarded more than $6 million in scholarship funds to hundreds of Alaska students attending accredited colleges and vocational/trade schools across the country.

“Students are beginning to return to a recognizable education environment after more than a year of disruptions, and we want to do everything we can to carry that return to normalcy through to students’ post-secondary education experiences,” said Dr. Pam Lloyd, VP of GCI Government, Healthcare & Education Corporate Strategy. “At GCI, we understand there is an unmet need for assistance with higher education costs in our state, and we have a goal to do our part in lowering the cost, making students’ goals achievable and within reach.”

For more information about the GCI Scholarship Program, visit https://alaskacf.org/blog/scholarships/the-gci-scholarship/.