LKSD Sr. High Speech Results

by Sharon Wegner

The Lower Kuskokwim School District Sr. High Speech contest was held in Bethel December 16-17, 2019. There were 46 students from 9 schools that participated (Akiuk, BRHS, Chefornak. Kipnuk, Kongiganak, Napaskiak, Newtok, Quinhagak, and Tuntutuliak). Eek was not able to make it to Bethel.

The students placing 1st and 2nd in the English categories will represent LKSD at the State Drama, Debate and Forensics competition in February.

Thank you to all the coaches and students who attended the competition.

2019 LKSD Sr. High Speech Results

English Dramatic

1. Agnes Alexie-Chefornak

2. Chelsea Pleasant-Quinhagak

3. Kaylee King-BRHS

Yupik Dramatic

1. Marie Twitchell-Akiuk

2. Charlotte Charles-BRHS

3. Jordan Lewis-Chefornak

English Humorous

1. Shayna Evan-Kongiganak

2. Elsa Tinker-Kongignak

3. Ryann Beaver-Kongiganak

Yupik Humorous

(No Participants)

English Original Oration

1. Marie Twitchell-Akiuk

2. Joanne David-Mertarvik Pioneer Sch.

3. Henry Tommy-Akiuk

Yupik Original Oration

(No Participants)

English Expository

1. Kieran Bentley-Napaskiak

2. Keisha Demientieff-Akiuk

3. Shaylene Nicholas-Akiuk

Yupik Expository

1. Mikhail Flynn-Chefonrak

2. Marie Twitchell-Akiuk