LKSD All Stars win top spot at 2018 State NYO

by K.J. Lincoln

The Lower Kuskokwim School District All Stars won the first place team trophy at the 2018 State Native Youth Olympics competition this past weekend. They scored 41 points overall. Coming in second were the Unalaska Raiders with 34 points. In third was the Mat-Su A-Team with 29 points.

Last year, the LKSD All Stars came in 4th.

It was tough competition, the best of the best NYO athletes were there from all over the state – from Mount Edgecumbe to Barrow and everywhere in between. Athletes had to perform under pressure. Also watching were the keen eyes of the judges – no mistakes were allowed.

This year several Yukon Kuskokwim delta area students won gold medals. Wilton Charles of Toksook Bay, won the boys Kneel Jump with his spring of 61 ½”. He also won this event last year. Mikayla Kassaiuli of Newtok and Calvin Egoak of Kipnuk both won the Alaskan High Kick – Kassaiuli with her kick of 69” and Egoak with 88”. Chantal Snyder of Kwigillingok won the One Arm Reach with her reach of 58”. Arnold Phillip, also of Kwigillingok, won the Boys Indian Stick Pull, going undefeated in the event. Harberg Paul of Kipnuk won the Boys Seal Hop, going 157’ 9”.

All these winners represented the LKSD All Star Team. Coaches included Paul Paul of Kipnuk, Tommy Andrew of Kwigillingok, and Myra Woods of Toksook Bay.

The Lower Yukon School District team won the Best Banner Award for the second year in a row.

The Health Coach Awards was given to Kyle Worl, who brought together a team after a 30 year drought and revitalizing NYO in his community of Juneau.

Winning the Sportsmanship Award were the Unalaska Raiders.

Each year the Cook Inlet Tribal Council hosts the Senior and Junior NYO games. During the opening ceremony, organization partners supporting the NYO state meet gave their opening welcomes. Special honor was given to elder Ben Snowball, who preceded NYO Head Official Nicole Johnston as coordinator of the Games, when he first worked for Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC), back when it was still called Cook Inlet Native Association. He grew up in Stebbins, playing the games that created the basis for NYO with his friends and family.

SENIOR GAMES Results & Awards

THURSDAY, April 26



Jean Krause, Dillingham, 45”

Alexandria Ivanoff, Bering Strait, A 43′ ½”

Tezlyn Kerron, Mat-Su A, 43”/42”

Rissa Bucaneg, Unalaska, 43”/40 ¾”

Emily Pomerenke, Nome, 42 ½”


Wilton Charles, LKSD, 61 ½”

Daniel Peters, Unalaska, 61”

Tim Meyer, Mat-Su A, 56”

Edward Nick, SWRSD, 54 ¾”

Justin Dye, Dillingham, 54”


Girls (with carriers)

Britney Dray (Ralph & Jesse), Dillingham, 395’ 3”

Lorraine Gregory (Axel & Gene), Anchorage A, 304’ 7 ¼”

Lisa Tran (Trevor & Talon), Unalaska, 242’ 4 ¾”

Kelsie Madson (Matthew & Albert), Bethel 223’ 6 ½”

Erin Staricha (Briar & Sean), Mat-Su A, 211’ 3 ¼”


Justin Dye (Ralphie & Jesse), Dillingham, 672’ 5 ¼”

Tremaine Davis (Briar & Sean), Mat-Su A, 435’ 2 ½”

Thomas Dyment (Matt & Albert), Bethel, 434’ 9 ½”

Harberg Paul (Arnold & Calvin), LKSD, 404’ 11 ½”

Trevor Soik (Briar & Sean), Mat-Su B, 383’ 11 ¾”



Mikayla Kassaiuli, LKSD, 69″ 0 misses

(TIE for 2nd) Camille Bernard, Mat-Su B, 68″ 2m

(TIE for 2nd) Misty May Wilmarth-Agoff, Chickaloon, 68″ 2m

Britney Dray, Dillingham, 66″ 0m

Jo Beth Stuart, Bethel, 65″ 0m


Calvin Egoak, LKSD, 88″ 1 miss

Axel Tretikoff, Anchorage A, 88″ 2m

John Villena, Unalaska, 87″ 0m

Justin Ward, Aniak, 86″ om

Arctic Ivanoff, BSSD, 86″ 1m

FRIDAY, April 27



Ashley Hoglund, Mat-Su A

Kiara Nelson, LPSD

Rayna Peterson, Mt. Edgecumbe

Rose Lincoln, Anchorage A

Madison Ortega, Mat-Su B


Haley Osborne, Mt. Edgecumbe

Dylan Jackson, Mat-Su A

Derrick Roberts, Juneau

Matthew Faosua, Unalaska

Simeon Zackar, LPSD



Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD A, 28′ 6 1/2″

Emily Pomrenke, Nome, 27′ 3 1/2″

Susan Beaty, Mat-Su B, 26′ 8 3/4″

Crystalynn Tula’i, Barrow, 26′ 7 1/2″

Lizzie Tran, Unalaska, 26′ 3″


John Villena, Unalaska, 35′ 7″

Arctic Ivanoff, BSSD A, 35′ 1/4″

Damarcus G, Anchorage A, 33′ 9 1/2″

Tony Oktollik, Nenana, 33′ 8″

Johnny Bosco, LKSD, 33′ 5 1/4″



Chantal Synder, LKSD, 58″

Jodi Carlson, BSSD A, 57″

JoBeth Stuart, Bethel, 56″

Jessica Lindsey, Mat-Su A, 54″ 0 misses

Kiara Kapotak, SWRSD, 54″ 1m


Brian Conwell, Unalaska, 65″

Brayden Dallmann, Aniak, 64″

Iris Paul, LKSD, 62″

Arctic Ivanoff, BSSD B, 61″ (TIE)

Shelby Samuel, Mt. Edgecumbe, 61″ (TIE)



Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD A, 75″

Katelyn Paul, LKSD, 71″

Andrea Apthorp, Mat-Su B, 70″

Amber Gray, Nome, 68″ 1 miss

Hana Miles, Mat-Su A, 66″ 1 m


Trevor Wilson, Unalaska, 90″

Brayden Dallmann, Aniak, 90″ 4 misses

Jacob Kompkoff, Chenega, 88″

Arctic Ivanoff, BSSD B, 88″ 1 m

Clayton Mesak, LKSD, 87″

SATURDAY, April 28



Alexiah Ahkiviana, Barrow

Kaia Beebe, LPSD

Misty May Wilmartha-Agoff, Chickaloon

Chloe Phillips, ANC A

Laura Ekada, Mt. Edgecumbe


Arnold Phillip, LKSD

Dillon Chaney, Dillingham

Sale L., Anchorage A

Jasiah Mila, Barrow

Steven Woods, Tanana



Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD A, 91″

Milya Wright, Barrow, 88″

Emily Pomrenke, Nome, 86″ 2 misses/84″

Suzanne Beaty, Mat-Su A, 86″ 3m/84″

Kaia Beebe, LPSD, 86″ 3m/74″


Arctic Ivanoff, BSSD B, 106″

Kaiden Jimenez, Mat-Su A, 104″ 1 miss

Demarcus G., Anchorage A, 104″ 3m

Braden Dallmann, Aniak, 104″ 4m

Al Lane, Nenana, 101″



Abi Fry, Nunamiut, 133′ 5 1/2″

Maysa Brown, Chevak, 127′ 6 1/2″

Trillium Kell, Chickaloon, 106′ 5 1/2″

Lisa Tran, Unalaska, 100′ 6 3/4″

Celeste Katcheak, Bering Strait A, 97′ 7″


Harberg Paul, LKSD, 157′ 9″

Edward Atcherian, Chevak, 155′ 1 1/2″

Alvin Washington, Bering Strait A, 116′ 9 1/2″

Trevor Wilson, Unalaska, 112′ 51/4″

Luther Walker, LYSD, 99′ 8″

Sportsmanship Awards

Male: Arctic Ivanoff, BSSD

Female: Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD

Gloria Walker Sportsmanship Award

Unalaska Raiders

Healthy Coach Award

Kyle Worl, Juneau

Best Team Banner


Overall Athlete

Male: Arctic Ivanoff, BSSD, 14 pts.

Female: Alexandria Ivanoff, BSSD, 19 pts.

Overall Teams

1st LKSD, 41

2nd Unalaska, 34

3rd MatSu A-Team, 29

4th BSSD A-Team, 28

5th Dillingham, 22

Academic Awards

Andreafsky High School: 3.643 GPA

Bethel Regional: 3.519 GPA

Unalaska Raiders: 3.442 GPA

Congratulations to all the athletes for a job well done!