LKSD All Stars bring home NYO Senior Games state title

by Greg Lincoln

Congratulations to the Lower Kuskokwim All Star team who came in first place at the 2022 Native Youth Olympics Senior Games hosted by the Cook Inlet Tribal Council. The long-awaited live event took place last weekend, April 21-23, 2022 at the Alaska Airlines Center.

NYO organizers are elated that the Senior Games are back in person since 2019. In 2020 and 2021 the games were held virtually.

“We are excited to support and celebrate all our student athletes after the global pandemic forced NYO into a virtual event the past two years,” said CITC NYO organizers.

The champion LKSD All Stars hail from many different communities in the Kuskokwim and coastal regions including Kwigillingok, Chefornak, Kipnuk, Toksook Bay, and Tuntutuliak. In 2019 the LKSD All-Stars tied for second place.

Coaches for LKSD are Robert Panruk of Chefornak, Sheila Phillip of Kongiganak, and Jimmy Andrew of Tuntutuliak.

In the girls Seal Hop event, Crystal Moses of Toksook Bay won the gold medal with her hop of 135 feet. The second place finisher McCrae Mills of Mat-Su Team A was only one foot behind her at 134’. Moses also placed 4th in the Wrist Carry event with a distance of 117’ 1 ¾”.

Colton Paul of Kipnuk representing the Mt. Edgecume Braves took first in the Alaskan High Kick with a final height of 90”. LKSD’s Jordan Lewis of Chefornak placed 4th with his kick of 82”.

Kyra John of Kwigillingok placed second for Team LKSD in the Alaskan High Kick. Her top height was 68”.

Chefornak’s Michael Flynn earned a silver medal for the LKSD All-Stars in the One-Hand Reach. He hit 64”. Colton Paul of Kipnuk/MEHS took fourth in the event, hitting 62”.

Destiny Panruk of Chefornak/LKSD tied for 5th place in the girls One-Hand Reach. She hit 53”. Neveah George of Mt. Edgecumbe also hit 53”. Both girls had no misses.

In the boys Two-Foot High Kick event Colton Paul of Kipnuk placed 3rd with his final kick of 92”. Michael Flynn of Chefornak placed 4th kicking 90”.

Bethel Lady Warrior Jordan Klejka took the top spot on the podium, winning gold in the girls Two-Foot High Kick. She kicked 68” to win.

On Saturday LKSD’s Evan Phillip of Kwigillingok won the silver medal in the boys Indian Stick Pull. His teammate Johnelle Smith of the Tuntutuliak Bluejays won a spot on the podium, winning fourth in the girls event.

Kneel Jump podium winners included Michael Flynn, he placed second for the silver medal for his jump of 58 ¼”. Bethel Warrior Dayln Nelson placed third, jumping 54 ½”. Colton Paul of Edgecumbe took fourth just one half inch behind Nelson, 54”.

Kwig’s Kyra John placed fifth for LKSD with her jump of 39 ¾”.

Colton Paul won gold in the boys One-Foot High Kick event, thrilling the crowd with his 110” vertical kick. The audience assisted in his jumps, clapping in unison to build up power for his attempts. In second was Chad Hakala of Anchorage Team A who hit 106” with no misses. 2nd through 5th place all hit 106” and places were determined by when they had their first miss.

Bethel’s Jordan Klejka took fourth in the girls One-Foot High Kick with height of 82”. Places 2nd through 5th all hit 82” and awards were determined by number of misses and a kickoff. First place winner Lydia Alverts of Chickaloon hit 84”.

In the finale event of the games, Devon Mann of Kipnuk/LKSD All-Stars won the boys Seal Hop with a distance of 113’ 8 ½”. Wrestling state champion Landon Smith of the Bethel Warriors took 3rd with his hop of 93’ 11 ¾”. Lower Yukon School District’s Dennis Ulak of Scammon Bay placed fourth with his distance of 93’ 11 ¾”.

Chevak’s Michelle Atcherian took home the bronze medal in the girl Seal Hop. She hopped a distance of 131’ 8 ¾”. Mt. Edgecumbe Mia Anderson of won 5th place, hopping 120’ 10 ½”.

The Bethel Warriors proudly won the Best Banner Award for the first time at the state NYO event. Their banner featured a fish net with swimming salmon, a fitting motif for the Kuskokwim River team. Congratulations!

2022 Statewide NYO Senior Games

Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage

April 21-23, 2022

Results & Awards

THURSDAY, April 21



Ethan Jenkins, Dillingham, 535’ 3 ¾’’

Nick Louis Amora, Unalaska, 418’ 1 ¼’’

Myles Campbell, Mat-Su A, 396’ 3 ½’’

Senen Torino, BBSD, 382’ 2 ¼’’

Tristan Feezel-Wild, Mat-Su B, 359’ 5’’


Sadie Elachik, BSSD, 359’ ¼’’

McRae Mills, Mat-Su A, 287’ 3 ¼’’

Joy Walker, Knik Tribal, 286’ 3 ¾’’

Crystal Moses, LKSD, 177’ 1 ¾’’

Caelyn Carter, Mat-Su B, 165’ 3’’



Colton Paul, MEHS, 90’’

Deshawn Campbell, Mat-Su A, 86’’

Ezra Elisoff, Juneau A, 84’’ 0m

Jordan Lewis, LKSD, 82’’ 1m

Kyle Abbott, Juneau B, 82’’ 3m


Eden Hopson, Anch A, 70’’

Kyra John, LKSD, 68’’ 0m

Leila Kell, Chickaloon, 68’’ 2m

Isabelle Savo, Dillingham, 66’’ 2m

Ashlen Malchoff, Homer, 64’’ 0m

FRIDAY, April 22



Derek Seppilu Jr., BSSD A

Samiel Wilson, Salamatof

Kael Erickson, BSSD B

Nathan Hansen, BBSD

Aiden Wassillie, LPSD


Manu Muti, Barrow

Taylor Tiedeman, Cordova

Jada Moonin, Nanwalek

Torill Mai, SWRSD

Kiara Nelson, LPSD



Parker Kenick, Nome, 64’’

Michael Flynn, LKSD, 64’’ 4m

Ezra Elisoff, Juneau A, 62’’ 1m

Colton Paul, MEHS, 62’’ 2m/62’’

Anatoly Fomin, Unalaska, 62’’ 2m/50’’


Eden Hopson, Anch A, 56’’

Riley Malone, Mat-Su A, 54’’

Abby Mallette, FNSBSD A, 54’’ 1m/54’’

Autumn Nanouk, BSSD A, 54’’ 2m/54’’

Neveah George, MEHS, 53’’ 0m (tie)

Destiny Panruk, LKSD, 53’’ 0m (tie)



De Shawn Campbell, Mat-Su A Team, 94”

Parker Kenick, Nome, 94” 2m/94”

Colton Paul, MEHS, 92” 2m/86”

Michael Flynn, LKSD, 90” 2m/86”

Sage Worl, Anch B, 90” 3m/86”


Jordan Klejka, Bethel, 68’’

Victoria Fisher, BSSD, 66’’

Tehana Baldwin, MEHS, 66’’ 3m

Daisy VanBlarcom, Mat-Su A, 64”

Emilee Wilson, Salamatof, 64” 1m

SATURDAY, April 23



Teague Green-Johnson, Nome

Evan Phillip, LKSD

James Ione Jr., BSSD A

Graelin Chaney, Dillingham

Geoffrey Anderson, Fairbanks MS


Shanelle Palma, Unalaska

Leah Evans, Homer

Trinity Vlasoff, Tatitlek

Johnelle Smith, LKSD

Mylee Yeoman, Salamatof



Nick Louis Amora, Unalaska, 62 ¼”

Michael Flynn, LKSD, 58 ¼”

Dayln Nelson, Bethel, 54 ½”

Colton Paul, MEHS, 54”

Davin Malzahn, Fairbanks A, 49 ½”


Shanelle Palma, Unalaska, 44”

Tehana Baldwin, MEHS, m43”

Leila Kell, Chickaloon, 41”

Eden Hopson, ANC A, 39 ¾” / 38 ¾”

Kyra John, LKSD, 39 ¾” / 37 ¾”



Colton Paul, MEHS, 36’ 5 ½”

Alukka Ivanoff, BSSD A, 35’ 8 ½”

Chad Hakala, Anch A, 35’ 4”

Deshawn Campbell, Mat Su A, 34’ 5”

Colin McFarland, Nome, 34’ 3 ½”


Lydia Alverts, Chickaloon, 26’7”

Jadrey Reynon, Unalaska, 26’ 6 ½”

Jaden Wren, Anch A, 26’ 4 ½”

Eden Hopson, Anch B, 26’ 2 ½”

Tessa Anderson, MEHS, 25’ 9 ¾”



Colton Paul, MEHS, 110”

Chad Hakala, Anch A, 106” 0m

Deshawn Campell, Mat Su A, 106” 2m/106”

Parker Kenick, Nome, 106” 2m/ 104”

Dez Hess, Ninikchick, 106” 7m/84”


Lydia Alverts, Chickaloon, 84”

Victoria Fisher, BSSD A, 82” 0m

Emilee Wilson, Salamatoff, 82” / 1m/82”

Jordan Klejka, Bethel, 92” 2m/82” (83 kickoff)

Daisy Vanblarcom, Mat-Su A, 82” 2m/ 82”



Devon Mann, LKSD, 113’ 8 ½”

Teague Green Johnson, Nome, 93’ 11 ¾”

Landon Smith, Bethel, 93 11 ¾”

Dennis Ulak, LYSD, 93’ 11 ¾”

James Maska Johnson, Fairbanks A, 88’ 11”


Crystal Moses, LKSD, 135’ 0”

McCrae Mills, Mat-Su A, 34’ 3”

Michelle Atcherian, Chevak, 131’ 8 ¾”

Michaela Mills, Mat-Su B, 124’ 7 ¼”

Mia Anderson, MEHS, 120’ 10 ½”

Good job everyone!