Levi indicted on murder, arson, assault in Kalskag

A Bethel grand jury returned an indictment Tuesday for 26-year-old Levi Levi and his girlfriend Alexandria Evan. Levi was indicted for six counts of murder in the second degree, one count of arson in the first degree, and two counts of assault in the third degree. Evan was indicted for one count of assault in the third degree.

The charges stem from an incident in Upper Kalskag on Dec. 30 when Levi allegedly pulled a knife in a residence with several people present. Evan also allegedly pulled a knife. Levi then allegedly set the home on fire. Two people died.

Levi and Evan will be arraigned on Jan. 17 at 9 am in Bethel Superior Court before Judge Terrence Haas.

The charges in the indictment are only allegations and are not evidence of guilt. Levi and Evan are presumed innocent and are entitled to a fair trial at which the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

For more information, contact Bethel DA Mark Clark at [email protected]

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