Let’s put ourselves in their shoes

by Peter Twitchell

There are three types of people in the world. Let’s personalize this and say – in your life.

First, there are those who help you in your difficult times. Let’s take the Homeless. These folks through no fault of their own didn’t have role models and adults who taught them to build, buy and work to shelter themselves.

Some of them give up in a hopeless state. Some homeless do come around, something clicks and they turn their lives around.

I see and hear the efforts of former legislator and Anchorage’s Mayor Ethan Berkowitz stepping up to the plate and do something for his City’s homeless people.

He makes our world a better place to live in.

Then there is the individual who left you in your difficult time. This is not like a casual, you have a flat tire and the person who stops has no means to help you. This is more like, you are broke down on the Kuskokwim River, it’s getting dark, you have your 8 year old daughter and its starting to rain.

Some people just don’t care about their fellow man.

My son Daniel once told me, put yourselves in their shoes. Do what we possibly can to listen, offer help, give good sound advice. Buy the person a meal, offer help, refer them to someone or service-oriented organization.

I broke down on my way upriver one time and the Sam George Family of Akiachak towed me back to Bethel. Thank you, quyana Iluq.

The third is those who put you in difficult times. The answer for me is my boss-supervisor. I once had a supervisor who showed up to work every morning still going from the night before, smelling like booze, red-faced, blood shot eyes and all he did Monday through Friday was put down minorities.

I started working that Monday morning and resigned that Friday after work. Through my 50 years in the workforce I had four supervisors who made life difficult for me.

I had swell people who really helped me to grow in radio broadcasting up until 1976. There was Buster Richardson, Andrew Edge, James Guy Croll, Henry Ivanoff of Unalakleet, Bob Sommer, Rhonda McBride, Elena Miller, Alexandria Mortensen, John Active, Martha Scott, James Barker, and Gabe King of KYUK!

I turned bad and had a blast at KYUK doing the “Pete on the Twitchell Turnaround”. The Turnaround was making the bad into something good for me.

You see, people can’t make you happy. I did it all for the people who listened to me and encouraged me to go on.

The listeners and the fans of the “POTTT” Show still remind me 25 years after KYUK! Thank you – Quyana YK Delta for the “Good Times”.