Let’s learn to be responsible with our money

by Peter Twitchell

Our children should be learning about Aerospace, the next step to the stars and other intelligence. We’ve learned all we possible could about our world, but have we really?
Let’s take the world of economics. I knew nothing of money growing up in the 1950’s as far as the value of it. How to grow it and cultivate it to my advantage.
I knew nothing about saving it, or investing it. Apparently I still don’t, otherwise I’d be financially fit.
I believe that our Native Corporations can have a hand in this. Our youth should get something out of their Corporations.
To this point, our native corporations have been making money for their shareholders. So, if a corporation does well and gets good returns from their profitable investments, shouldn’t they prepare their beneficiaries how to be responsible with those hard earned funds that come to us as dividends?
If we continue to be ignorant about savings and investments, then what good is all the money in the world? Let’s face it, we just recently opened the door into the corporate world. Now we need to learn how to be responsible with our money.