Lead in Drinking Water

This is a notice from the City of Bethel, released on Thursday, August 8, 2019.

To Bethel Water and Sewer Customers:

Routine semi-annual water testing was conducted in September 2018 on the City Subdivision water distribution system. The City Subdivision Water System found high levels of lead and copper in drinking water in some homes and businesses. Test results exceeded Federal Action Levels (FALs). Lead can cause serious health problems.

The most common sources of lead and copper in drinking water comes from lead pipes, faucets and fixtures. Lead and copper pipes that connect homes to the water main are typically the most significant source of lead and copper in the water.

The City is actively working with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the City’s engineer firm DOWL to address the Federal Action Level exceedance and bring the lead and copper levels below the FALs. In the meantime, an effective way to reduce the potential of lead and copper exposure at the tap is to run the water for 15-30 seconds prior to collecting water for consumption, especially after periods of non-use, and to avoid consumption from hot water taps.

For more information, please call Bill Arnold, Public Works Director.