Kwethluk Dog Mushers hosts Season finale races

Kwethluk Ladies Sprint Racers: from left are Joette Alexie, Nellie Keene, Michelle Olick-Pavilla, Sheila Williams-Carl, Phyllis Williams, Shantelle Olick, Brenda Wassillie, Shaundria Wassillie, and Raylene Henry. Photo courtesy of Harry Alexie

The Kwethluk Dog Mushers hosted a sprint race for the ladies and one for youth this past week. Nine teams of ladies raced this past Friday with their 5-dog teams in an 8-mile race. Coming in first place was Joette Alexie. She finished in 31:10. In second was Raylene Henry at 32:53. In third place was Phyllis Williams, her time was 34:12.

The youth race took place last Wednesday. There were nine teams. Coming in first was Mia Pavila, her time was 31:26. In second place was Schouviller Wassilie Jr. with a time of 31:45. Adriane Anne Nicolai came in third at 32:34.

Congratulations to all the racers.

Women’s 5 Dog Race Results

April 21st, 2023 in Kwethluk

1. Joette Alexie, 31:10

2. Raylene Henry, 32:53

3. Phyllis Williams, 34:12

4. Shaundria Wassilie, 34:39

5. Michelle Olick Pavila, 36:12

6. Brenda Wassilie, 37:56

7. Sheila Williams Carl, 40:40

8. Nellie Keene, 45:52

9. Shantelle Olick

Jr. High – High School Dog Race Results

April 19th, 2023 in Kwethluk

1. Mia Pavila, 31:36

2. Schouviller Wassilie Jr., 31:45

3. Adriane Anne Nicolai, 32:34

4. Eamon Frederick, 32:46

5. Colton Phillip, 34:36

6. Paeton Gilila, 35:11

7. Chance Riley Alexie, 38:14

8. Alexie Snyder, 44:02

9. Connor Snyder, 45:17