Kuskokwim Ice Classic announces deadline for application process

by BCSF Staff

The Kuskokwim Ice Classic is involving local groups across the YK Delta region in selling Ice Classic tickets again this year. The application period is open now for groups to apply. The application deadline is January 30th at 5 pm. This year, the sales opportunity is open to any groups operating a program or project that benefits individuals or communities. The opportunity is no longer restricted to youth-serving programs.

Applications submitted on time will be reviewed by the Ice Classic committee, and the announcement of selected groups will be made by mid-February. By selling tickets, groups will receive a portion of the Ice Classic earnings – so long as they achieve their minimum sales goal.

“In the last four Ice Classic seasons, we’ve made a number of changes and improvements,” said Michelle DeWitt, the Executive Director of Bethel Community Services Foundation (BCSF). BCSF is the Ice Classic sponsor. “We love involving youth groups and that will continue. We expect the Ice Classic to expand a little each year, and expanding the types of groups selling tickets is the latest step in that process.”

The Kuskokwim Ice Classic committee is inviting multiple Bethel and village-based groups to apply for the opportunity to sell Ice Classic tickets. Groups selected to participate AND which sell the minimum number of required tickets will receive a check for half the value of their total sales. Only groups that sell the required number of tickets will be considered “beneficiary groups” which will receive funds from the Ice Classic.

“People who purchase Ice Classic tickets really love the fact that the event’s proceeds stay here in the region and benefit people who live here,” DeWitt said. It’s an exciting time and a fun event and groups raise some much-needed funds in the process.”


•Your group’s primary goal must be to provide activities for youth or other activities that benefit your community.

•You must name 2 adults who can be a primary and secondary point of contact between January and May. One of the adults must be able to attend a ticket sales strategy planning meeting. Ticket sales will occur in March & April.

•Bethel-based groups must sell a minimum of 100 books of tickets (one book contains 5 tickets). Village-based groups must sell a minimum of 50 books of tickets OR provide an alternative sales goal if group leaders feel their community is too small to achieve a 50-book sales goal. Groups that sell the minimum number of tickets will receive 50% of the value of their sales.

To receive an application, please call Bethel Community Services Foundation at 543-1812, send an email request to [email protected] or go to the Kuskokwim Ice Classic’s website: iceclassic.org to download the application packet.