Kaiser wins Holiday Classic sled dog race

Pete and Ari Kaiser get their winners photo taken at the finish line of last weekend's Holiday Classic sled dog Race. The race was approximately 48 miles, following last year's K300 trail. photo by Greg Lincoln

Pete Kaiser of Bethel, the reigning Kuskokwim 300 champion, is the winner of the 2018 Holiday Classic sled dog race. Kaiser led a field of 14 racers at last Saturday’s race 48-mile race which began at the Charles Family Lake. Mushers took a right turn following the trail behind Tundra Ridge that met up with Rockies Trail. Mushers raced towards the Gweek River where they turned around and headed back the same way. There was an 8 dog limit. The race started at 11 am with an estimated finish around 2:30pm.

Taking second was the 2018 Akiak Dash winner George Manutoli of Akiachak. He drove a team from the John Simon Family Glare Ice kennel of Bethel. Taking third place is last year’s Holiday Classic winner Matt Scott of Bethel.

The trail was very well established and marked.

“The trail was a good hard trail,” said Manutoli at the finish.

The ambient temperature was -1 with a windchill of -20 at the start of the event.

“We are in for a cold classic!” said K300 race organizers.

2018 Holiday Classic Results

1st Pete Kaiser, 4:04:25, $2,717.85

2nd George Manutoli, 4:12:04, $2,467.85

3rd Matt Scott, 4:15:10, $2,267.85

4th John George, 4:15:52, $1,967.85

5th Mike Williams Jr., 4:18:44, $1,867.85

6th Robert Larson, 4:19:28, $1,717.85

7th Father Alexander Larson, 4:19:49, $1,467.85

8th Niklas Wikstrand, 4:29:27, $1,267.85

9th Willie Larson, 4:30:02, $967.85

10th Cameron Jackson, 4:31:23, $917.85

11th John Simon, 4:40:07, $767.85

12th Victoria Hardwick, 4:48:50, $617.85

13th Solomon Olick, 4:49:47, $467.85

14th Tory Fitzpatrick, 5:13:27, $317. 85

The 15th place prize money was split and distributed to all finishers. The next K300 sponsored events will be the Kuskokwim 300, the Bogus Creek 150, and the Akiak Dash, January 18th.