K300 Kalskag Checkpoint Thanks

Hi there, I’m just writing to thank our Kalskag donators who donated for the K300 this year.

To the ANICA Store of Kalskag, they donated $400 worth of goods, they donate every year, which we are really grateful for that.

To Bossman Pitka for the 20 pounds of flour and Steven Gregory for the 20 lbs. of pancake mix. Thank you Maybelle S. Hoffman for the food you donate and the food you made and all your help during that time.

Thank you Dawayne Hoffman and Andrew Maud for your help also.

Was a great turnout again. What we would do without such great help. Thank you very much, you all were repeatedly mentioned about how great we all did.

Yah ‘hoo … Thanks.

Loreen J. A. Steeves, K300 VolunteerKalskag Checkpoint
K300 VolunteerKalskag Checkpoint

Hi again, Happy New Year everyone

I sincerely hope you all will use the extra clothing as it is pretty darn cold out there, and you can always take them off, but you can’t put them on if you don’t have them.

Just like, you can use stinkweed, willow, chatha for many different illnesses. Even wild celery root is good for your throat. When the willow first sprouts its leaves, we pick them and store in seal oil or bags to eat. We call them surra. There are different edible beach greens also.

The more I look at things, the more I believe we Alaskans should form our own Nation. As it is they are trying to exploit Alaskan resources, NOT for Alaskans but for their own pocket. If they do that, they will introduce more toxins into our Lands and Seas/Water. As if they haven’t already done enough damage. You wonder why the sea mammals/fish are getting cancerous sores – remember the US agreed to hand over missiles, as long as Russia put them into the Sea. Our Sea, we are next door.

Are you all going to just stand by and let that happen? Let’s do what’s best for us Alaskans. We have enough smart people to pull it off.

Like, they are letting tons of people into our State, yet say they have no money to even help Our Homeless and Helpless people. Or, even have the money to help the Veterans, much less give us proper health care. Help stop the ambush and help our State/people instead. We did not put you into office to steal our money by giving it to foreign countries, or to line your pockets. We put you in office to help the people of Alaska.

Darn people, you’re not supposed to be telling other people to go harm themselves, you’re supposed to look at each other and say ‘I love you’. It’s so simple. Every single person is worth something. You were not put on this Earth to be funny to each other, you were put here to help each other out.

It is not up to us as to when a person dies, it is up to God. We are put here for a reason, and it’s not to be put down, or told to kill ourselves. If you came from a family that hurt you, you can change it so your children/grandchildren didn’t have to grow up the way you did. You – you have the ability to change that.

You look at the prices of everything now-a-days and it shocks you. You buy something like a twin blanket and think it might fit, but it may only go from your neck to your toes, and that’s only if you’re short. They make us buy things from foreign countries, send the jobs to foreign countries, because of whatever kind of deals they made for money that did not even benefit Americans, for which we are short-changed all the way around.

I miss American-made products, at least Americans took pride in their work. A shame, I say. I also think if some people are willing to go back into making clothes – sturdy clothes – at a reasonable price they could make a living.

So, as TSA says, we need to update our IDs to travel out of state. I think we should be able to bring the current ones (that are due to be updated in a few years) and swap them out. Why should we have to pay to get it again, are they going to update the due dates on like the drivers license to 2024(5) too?

Don’t forget to tell people which way you’re traveling if you decide to go somewhere. That way they know which direction to go if they have to go looking. No fun when they have to go in all directions.

Take care you all. Be safe. As always…

Karen Nanouk
Unalakleet, AK

Example: 9075434113