Justin Peterson Feb. 28, 1984 – Feb. 8, 2017

Justin Peterson was born on February 28, 1984 in Mountain Village Clinic to Charlie and Darlene Peterson. He was welcomed by his oldest sister Denise. In the following years to come Justin and Denise became the big sister and big brother to Barek and Lianna.

From the very moment Justin was born we knew in our hearts he would be a blessing and he showed it in the way he loved everyone. We all fell in love with his love for life, as a young boy he was very adventurous and full of humor. His boyish intuitions did well for him; with the help from all his very huge family and close friends Justin grew up learning to live off the land that God gifted him. His laughter and smile lit up our life since the time we first heard his laughter and saw his smile, simply unforgettable. If there were fishing, hunting, boating, camping and just good old joy riding Justin was there from when he was a little boy to the man he became. In his youth he became an avid basketball player from elementary to high School to city league.

Justin attended Mountain Village Schools till he graduated in May of 2004. During his days of growing up with his family and many extended families he became many others Son and Brother. He is truly loved by so many, so many that it is almost uncountable. He left an everlasting impression with his humor, kindness, love, laughter and a smile that lifted our spirits ever so greatly.

When Justin first became an Uncle to his nephew DeSean Peterson, it was one of the proudest moments he had. In years to come he became an Uncle 9 more times. But each time his love grew more, he loved each one so much. Justin kept them all close to his heart near or far.

On November 28, 2009 in Pitka’s Point, Justin Peterson married his love of his life Abigail Lamont. They welcomed their children; Avery, Robin and Justine. Justin loved taking his son out where ever he went for fishing and hunting, just like he did when he was a young boy. Robin his oldest daughter grew close to her dad, it showed by how inseparable they were. Justine, his baby girl, took after her dad; she has a heart of gold. He cherished and deeply loved his children very much.

In his years he worked at the AVEC plant in Mountain Village, Electric Assistant for ANTHC, Laborer for CE2, Seasonal Firefighter and most recently he was a Ramp/Cargo Agent for Ravn Air in St. Mary’s. Before becoming a Ramp/Cargo Agent he went to Fuel Quality Training. Justin is remembered by his boss and coworkers of Ravn Air by his hard work and humor to cheer up anyone and everyone.

Justin is preceded in death by his grandparents: Waskey and Evelyn Walters, Mathew and Elizabeth Peterson, and John Long Sr. Uncles and Aunts: first Morris Walters, Alexie Walters Sr., first Mike Peterson, JoAnn Barclay, first Paul Long, and Nicholas Vincent Long. Also his extended family members Phyllis and Deandra Moore.

Justin is survived by his parents Charlie and Darlene, his sisters Denise and Lianna and his brother Barek Kamps; Grandmother Lena Long; nieces and nephews: DeSean, Gavin, Jonah, Seth, Nathan, Troy, Elizabeth, Kaden, Ashley and Logan. Also he will be remembered, missed and survived by numerous Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Extended Families and Friends.

Lastly, but most importantly his life will go on through his Wife Abigail, their children Avery, Robin and Justine. His Stepchildren: Alyssa, Shane and Jade “Sonny”.

We would like to give thanks to the casket and cross builders of St. Mary’s: Clarence Johnson, Norby Beans, Moses George, James Edwards, Danny George, Snuffy Tyson, Mook Afcan, Stan Afcan. Thank you Marcia Beans, Michelle Thompson and Lillian Johnson for taking care of the lining of the casket.

To the Ladies whom helped with preparing everything from cooking to driving around to and from with supplies and food to welcome our Beloved Justin home; Zena Hunt, Michelle Thompson, Betty Riley. We are grateful for the people at the Legacy Funeral Home in Anchorage for preparing Justin to come home. We thank his loving sister Denise and brother Barek for getting all things needed to bring their brother home. Thank you to Father Stan Heckman and Father Daelemans for coming to the homes of Justin Peterson to pray and bless over him. Also, to Pat Beans Jr. of St. Mary’s for praying when Justin came home. We are eternally grateful for all the uplifting prayers during this very difficult time of our great loss.

For the donations from Asa’carsarmiut Tribe, YDFDA, Azachorok Corporation, AC Store, Pitka’s Point Corporation, Ravn Administration, Riley and the Ravn Crew from St. Mary’s airport.

Quyana Pastor Marc and the Covenant Choir for lifting our spirits with prayers, singing, and words of encouragement. Special thank you to Elia and Josie Tinker for always taking care of our Justin. Also, Maureen Lamont for all she has done for him. A big thank you to Glenn Walters for helping with transportation bringing family home. Thank you to all the people that made and brought food. If there is anyone not mentioned your kindness and support is not forgotten but very much appreciated during our time of loss. Thank you all again and God bless.