Jonathan Carl Kruger Sr. June 4, 1959 – July 9, 2018

Jonathan Carl Kruger Sr. born to Stephen and Signe Kruger on June 4th, 1959 in Natick, Massachusetts, left us on July 9th, 2018.
Some men measure themselves by how much money they make, physical assets, or by the superiority they believe that they have over others. Our father was a man of no measure, his values were greater than any tangible wealth any man can attain.
“What matters son is to love, to teach, and to learn. Someday we’re going to die, and all that will truly remain is the positive influence and energy we give to those around us.”
Let me be the first to tell you that he is not at all gone in any way. His immeasurable love, his wisdom, and his enduring strength lives through every life he has touched. His voice still speaks, still sings, and smiles benevolent energy that weaves into all things.
He served in the Air Force for 5 years with honorable discharge. He invested his time into counseling and teaching youth for 20 years. Above all he made his life about caring for his wife, raising his sons, and loving his grandchildren.
He is survived by his wife; Susan Kruger, his sons Jonathan, Dylan, Todd, and Sean. His grandsons; Nathan, and Logan. His granddaughters; Sara, Mackenzie, Jeannette, Luna, Kennedy, Aurora, Rowena, Harper, and one on the way. His daughters in-law; Heather, Kayla, Marlene, and Kionae. Brothers: Stephen Jr., Peter, Gerald, Theodore, Warren, and Alan. Sisters: Judy, Donna, and Heidi.
The celebration of life will take place on Tuesday July 17th at the Kruger residence in Kenai, 111 Tern Ave. beginning at 2 pm. An official military service will take place on Wednesday July 18th at the bluff in Kenai next to the senior center at 3 pm. We are requesting that guests wear all black as dad would have liked that.
-’til Valhalla, Father.- Jonathan Carl Kruger Jr.