It is good to see old friends

by Peter Twitchell

I’m not one to believe that I should vote for a candidate for Governor because he wants to give me $3,000.00 for something he voted against giving me in the first place.
I did my civic duty today and went out and voted at the Alaska Housing polling place. I am privileged that I can do this for my State of Alaska, my Yupiaq Tribe and my family name.
It is good to see Martin and Modesta Prince here in Anchorage, as well as my old friends John “R” Andrew, and his sister Nastasia. I see Alice Criswell as well, Johnny Clark, Moses Alexie from Tuluksak, a friend of my parents and folks I am happy to see here in the fair city of Anchorage.
I also have talked to my friends Mark Begich and Don Young. I enjoy the drive to Wasilla and Palmer to see my family, and visit with Uppa Joe Vanderpool, always a pleasure to talk about the old days of Anchorage before it became a city, and his flying days. At 90 years of age he is still driving and travels to the Lower 48, now and then to see his daughter and friends.
The mountains are as beautiful as ever and all the leaves have fallen. Snow is heavy on the mountains, and the air is brisk and refreshing.
There were very little trick or treaters coming around, maybe because this is a vast city and perhaps there are neighborhoods more suited for lots of kids, where other areas may not have a lot. It was a cool Halloween and not anywhere near 60 below zero like it used to be when we were going around filling our bags with candy in the 50’s and 60’s.
Today was a good day to come to the Loussac Library, it is always so quiet and peaceful here. Christmas is right around the corner and already there have been pre-Black Friday sales. There are Christmas Bazaars happening all over town and it’s always good to see all the talented folks with all their arts and crafts this time of year.
I saw three of the biggest baleen baskets adorned with ivory handles that I’ve ever seen in my life and the biggest one sold for $7500.00. It could hold a couple gallons easily.
Our best wishes for the Holidays to you and yours from those of us here in Anchorage, we never forget you and our friendships. Best wishes for the New Year!