It is better to give

by Peter Twitchell

Many of our native people have been cautious about getting a covid immunization, which is an individual choice, I won’t judge anyone. I chose to get a covid shot because I have been given every other shot, since I was a child. I believe every immunization has kept me alive, also Almighty Creator God has kept me alive through these vaccines against diseases.

I have depended on Him and his Doctors of medicine here on earth. We all believe in something – a greater power than ourselves. I chose God Almighty who is with me every step of my journey through life. I give Him all the glory.

My mom taught me one thing as a boy, always pray to God to thank Him for life and always expect His blessing. Because of God’s love for me, I have more faith in the human race.

At my age of 71, I don’t hoard material things. I find myself giving to help the needy, with no thought of getting compensated. I’ve had my share of material possessions and more than I need.

I tell others, I can’t take it with me after this Life, which has been very good to me. Jobs, committees, boards, and as a community and tribal member – a permanent fund check, covid relief funds, shares, and dividends.

Quyanaqvaa-lli. It is better to give and a blessing to receive including my health. May you be blessed.