If you see something, say something

by Peter Twitchell

Very disheartening to get a call first thing in the morning, “Peter, someone broke into your house and looks like destroyed everything.”

What is the world coming to when grandparents know their grandson is out and about all hours of the night destroying private property? Don’t grandparents ever see items in their grandson’s room that don’t belong to him? This has been going on far too long! And the grandparents live in a compound owned by a local organization.

I caught this kid 3-4 times but couldn’t prove he had turned my storage upside down six years ago! I told the grandparents once and never got a call back. To me the local organization is harboring a juvenile delinquent!

At the time my storage was turned upside down there were items missing from my storage. The grandparents must see property in the young adult’s room, by now probably a young adult!

Something is wrong with this picture. And, this is a problem for our communities where grandparents are not being more responsible and teaching their grandkids values and Laws of Almighty God!

When you see something suspicious going on, don’t ignore the situation for the sake of our kids gone astray.