How are you doing?

by Peter Twitchell

I wonder if the hospital really monitors the meds we’re prescribed? I wonder because I ask for a refill and often I get like nasal sprays and I feel just one time is enough. I don’t think I should be given 2 of anything unless the doctor prescribes it. It used to be when I was prescribed a new med my health care provider who was Dr. Hartman for 11 years would periodically schedule an appointment to see if my pills were helping me or not.

I miss not being kept up with new prescriptions to see if in fact they are helping me or if the doctor feels something else needs to be done. I haven’t gotten this attention and Dr. Hartman has been gone for at least the last 6 – 8 years from Bethel. Who’s in charge anymore and why am I getting nasal sprays I don’t feel I really need. Who’s checking on patients to see what the prognosis is? I miss that tracking and keeping track of to see how I’m doing as a patient.

I’m really hoping that things will normalize as we get the new addition to our clinic here in Bethel completed. The other thing that I’m concerned about is having one provider who knows my history like Dr. Hartman did when he was my health care provider. I’ve seen every doctor and family physician and I feel like nobody is keeping track of my progress as far as my blood pressure and other concerns with my health.

There was a time at the hospital, I used to be told by my health care provider, you are important and we want to give you the best care possible. I haven’t heard anyone say this to me in a decade. Follow-ups to see how each patient is doing has always been sporadic in the past and non-existent today. Maybe, its just that I’m getting into my elderhood phase of my life, I’m more concerned than when I was younger. We don’t need this update every time we see a doctor, but we need to be updated every now and then what’s going on with our health. This has been my concern and wondering if I’m the only one who feels this way?