Home is where your people are

by Peter Twitchell

I returned home to Bethel for a day, 11/4/20, and I was happy to see my birthplace for a day and half the next day. Bethel hasn’t changed one iota from what I could see except for the new ONC Subdivision.

I was very happy to see that in development for our Native Tribe of Bethel!

I went to AC Co. Store and saw some real improvements in the layout of the store.

I want to thank Mr. Tony Avalos and Eric Scott Sirilo for use of your truck Eric, and Tony for your hands in making sure my belongings were neatly boxed and my cousin and brother in the Yup’ik way for transporting them to Everts Air Cargo for shipping back to Anchorage.

Thank you to “Sleepy Salmon” Bed & Breakfast for offering me lodging for a decent price. I couldn’t believe one bed & breakfast was charging two hundred dollars for a single night and they told me not to use too much water when I showered.

I wasn’t real happy about the local prices! They were more expensive than when I was there in 2017. The main reason why I left Bethel! You can’t make ends meet. I always believed that Bethel was a two income town! I remember why me and my family ate a lot of salmon, moose, and birds when I was growing up!

It was good to see my people although we kept our distance and good to hear KYUK!