Hoffman receives Ann M. Voda Conference Award

Melody Hoffman of Bethel is the first student from the University of Alaska to receive this award.

Bethel Nursing student Melody Hoffman is the recipient of the Ann M. Voda Conference Award/Western Institute of Nursing (WIN). The award was established in 2009, and Melody is the first student from the University of Alaska to win and first Alaska Native to receive the Award!
This award was established by Dr. Ann M. Voda, PhD, RN, Professor Emeritus, University of Utah College of Nursing and WIN Emeritus. Dr. Voda established the award as an incentive to encourage Native American students to participate in nursing. Dr. Voda observed that Native American Students are enrolled in nursing programs in western region, but for the most part, remain invisible at WIN. The intent of this award will be an incentive to engage some of the students to participate with the community of scholars.
Melody thanks all the students for supporting each other and working cooperatively together. Melody extends her sincere gratitude and appreciation to Anne Rearden, MS, RN RRANN, (Recruitment and Retention of Alaska Natives into Nursing) Program Coordinator, Rachelle White, BSN RN CWCN, Bethel Outreach Instructor for UAA, Chris Lowe, sons Ronald and Christian and her parents Cathy and Ron Hoffman.
Melody is on the 4th semester of nursing and plans to graduate with her Associates degree in December 2018.