Hello out there,

So this is the 3rd time I am writing this in the last month or so. Guess some of it is because I feel like I am not being heard, so why bother to write sometimes.

So, on one of my trips I happen to lose my drivers license, so there’ll probably be a foreigner claiming to be me. Anyway, I found out that because of a TSA thing, every Alaskan will have to update their IDs come January if they want to fly back to Alaska from anywhere.

From January to June it will cost $20. After that it will cost $40 to update your ID. If they are going to do that, then we need more DMV places opened back up. I also don’t think it’s fair to be raising the price because some people who live in the Rural Communities might get into town only once a year (AFN time) to shop, because that’s all they could afford.

I thank God every day that, no matter how much I ache, I get to see the beauty outside, interact with the people I see/meet, and have my beautiful children/grandchildren – who make you marvel so much at what they say and do, makes you grateful even if you grump, nothing like the feeling you get, tickles your spirit.

I want to say thank you so much to my niece Amber who was willing to pick us up and taking us places. I had sooo much fun catching the fish for them to cut up, which made really yummy strips, along with the beautiful berries. Thanks Amber.

I wish people would seriously think of Alaska becoming a sovereign nation. I believe it would benefit our State and our People. There are so many things within our state that could be exploited, and I think they will try to, with or without our permission.

I believe we have some smart enough people to pull it off. Our old school (Covenant) and Mt. Edgecumbe brought forth some pretty smart people. I mean – look at my cousins Gail and Ella for example, even Senator Olson. They can make it happen.

We are a people of vast resources, of which other entities are trying to take advantage of/steal, and add toxins to it in the process. We need to stand up for Our future generations if we want them to survive.

One of my wishes in my lifetime is to build a training academy here in Unalakleet so that kids/adults from this Region would be able to come here for training, and we’d have more people complete their training. There are so many people who try to go on to more schooling, but tend to get homesick, and so they quit and never really go back.

Here in Unalakleet, it’s close enough for them to go home for a day or 2 on $100 round trip, get over their homesickness, and continue their training, as we are a sub-hub. I think it would be a good place for one.

Please could you help make it possible? I’ve asked different entities, but they said it would cost millions of dollars, of which I could only wish I had.

Please pray for the Homeless and the Helpless people, they could use the help. Do you know a lot of those people have marketable skills, they just feel down/weakened enough to think that they don’t count, so they live that way. Please be kind to them.

Take care everyone. Stay safe. God bless you all.

Karen Nanouk
Unalakleet, AK

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