Heat Therapy

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Therapeutic heating for aches and pains in our bodies has long been practiced by the Yup’ik people through steambathing, or maqiq. For folks suffering from chronic pains like arthritis, a nice steam can help ease the pain and help with falling asleep.
Heat therapy feels great after a long day of prolonged activity. It can also soothe your need to be around others.
For those who are suffering from grief, this kind of therapy can be beneficial. It helps your tired sore muscles to relax after being clenched and tight from your reactions to trauma. And usually you are with friends and loved ones so you are not alone. Steambathing also cleanses the body of stored toxins because you sweat them out through your pores.
You also drink lots of water, replenishing yourself after sweating.
Heat therapy does not require medication, making it a natural option for us when we are seeking relief from muscle tension and stress. It is said that heat therapy also increases circulation.
As we grow older, we sometimes get the chills while living and working in our nice cold climate and we need more heat therapy than when we were younger. A nice steambath feels good on our weary tired bones after a long winter day.
Even now as we speak, a maqiq sounds very inviting.
While you are steaming or taking a sauna, you can talk about the things that are deep within your heart if you chose to. It is a private healing space where you are with your most trusted friends who care and look out for your utmost well-being. You are free to share your grief and to pour it out amongst those who understand and are empathetic to your pain and suffering.
We have much to be thankful for as we are now in the midst of the season of Thanksgiving. We are most thankful to be able to live where we do, in our beautiful homeland, the land that God chose for us to live. We have our subsistence foods that were created just for us which brings us comfort and strength for our bodies, we have our loved ones surrounding us. We have everything we need, thank you Lord.
We have learned that every day is a day of thanksgiving as we continue on this journey. Let us continue to move forward, even as we are missing and yearning for our departed loved ones with a grief that can never be healed. Prayers to and for all who are bereaved, it is very important since we may be the only ones who are praying for them. Quyana!
And we do have an end note for you. Our website at www.deltadiscovery.com has been adjusted to be able to handle traffic a little better. I hope that it is, thank you.