Heart health

by Greg Lincoln

photo by Greg Lincoln

In this day and age that we have been destined to be born into, we sometimes find ourselves seeking new things that are beneficial to our health.

We strive to be healthy for our families, our friends, and for our own selves, and being a pet owner is one way to do it.

What are the reasons to own a dog? Experts and researchers in the field of human longevity have discovered that owning a dog lengthens your lifespan. The researchers at the American Heart Association came to the conclusion that living with a dog was a positive predictor of health. The studies show that people with dogs were less likely to succumb to cardiovascular disease.

It could possibly be because owning a dog promotes increased activity and lowers depression. The benefits come from walking the dog, which is exercise, it is physical activity. That physical activity is excellent for your health, it builds up your stamina and helps maintain your strength.

There are other reasons to bring a dog into your life, and since it is a decision that will impact you and those around you, it is a life-changing decision. Other reasons may be because you like having a dog for companionship.

Do you remember the story of Job? When Job was suffering alone in his bereavement and misery and sickness, who came to comfort him? It wasn’t the doctors or nurses, it was the dogs.

We don’t know how many or what kind or how long or often they came or stayed but we do know that they came to clean his wounds.

Can you imagine Job holding those dogs near to him for warmth and for comfort? Maybe he petted them and called them by name. There is nothing more comforting than a beloved dog staying by your side, guarding you and making sure that you are okay, especially if you are grieving. They give you the gift of their company and their time. You are worth the effort to them.

As for me and my own, we will always share our home with a dog.

And now the season of thanksgiving is upon us. Each day is a day of thanksgiving, because it is another day that we are here with all of you. Quyana for your steadfast and loyal support and may you be blessed.